Thursday, December 12, 2013

Airing of Grievances - UGA Athletics Apathy

On Saturday Jameis Winston will win the Heisman. Up until a week ago he remained under at least some shroud of controversy. Other programs used the opportunity to tout their own offensive star as an alternative Heisman pick. A program we consider a neighbor even parlayed their halfback's shining championship moment into (at worst) a glamorous trip to New York City this weekend. Meanwhile, we have a guy that dedicated four years to playing in Sanford, collected nearly every SEC quarterback record, and had to literally be dragged off the field in his final home game.

And yet it was some South Carolina sports writer from Charleston that had to beat the drum for Aaron Murray. Embarrassing.

Would Murray have won the award? No. But you know what? Tre Mason is getting a trip to the Downtown Athletic Club and will put Auburn's football program on grand display in primetime. Aaron was in NYC earlier this week collecting yet another National Football Foundation award for UGA. His "vacation" could've been extended a few days. I mean, couldn't we define Murray's career as "outstanding" in its "pursuit of excellence with integrity"? Wouldn't the last couple of weeks have been a great time to blast the media from coast to coast with nuggets and factoids of Aaron's good works in the community as well as stats? Stats such as - against four of the BCS' top teams this season Murray amassed 14 total touchdowns and over 1300 yards passing. Is there anyone else that can boast those kind of numbers?

No. But I'm sure Butts-Mehre was way too busy getting ready for the next tackle football January.

Our complete and total lack of carpe diem when it comes to things like Heisman campaigns (because in all honesty we should have been promoting two candidates starting in June in the very least) and sticking up for the players on the field when officiating and NCAA rules fail them is astounding. We have an eternal take it easy as it comes attitude. Forever willing to accept our lot in life. Hoping for the future while getting kicked in the crotch by any and all comers.

Additionally, go ahead and explain away the rematch with Nebraska in the upcoming Gator Bowl as old Bill Snyder throwing himself a hissy. But also ask why we don't have anyone that can dictate the selection procedure with authority? Who is representing Georgia's best interest? You think Chris Burnette and Artie Lynch came to the University of Georgia wanting their last game, their last trip on the bus with their teammates, to be against a team they played 12 months earlier? Who is going to bat to make sure these players get what's best for them?

I'm only asking because UGA continually promotes our athletic programs as above certain standards and doing things "the Georgia way". Yet it is a mere casual observance to fancy from a SkyBox. A simple play toy to enjoy several times a year instead of a business to run, market and promote.

Embarrassing. Dawg fans deserve better. And the University of Georgia's athletes certainly deserve better.