Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cornhuskers talking the talk

I've only seen Nebraska play about 15 minutes of football this season. I think it was their game with UCLA too, so it was quite a while ago. Regardless, I don't know a whole lot beyond what I saw in the last Capital One Bowl. But they sound like they are taking the right approach to this bowl season's rematch with Georgia.
“We felt like we had a good chance of beating these guys last year,” Sirles said. “We kind of let it slip through our fingers a little bit. It’s almost a good chance to get back and get a little redemption.” 
“It might be frustration if we just blew them out last year,” Enunwa said, “but we lost.” 
As far as initial impressions go I'd have to give Nebraska an edge in terms of motivation, having saved their coach's job (at least according to locker room talk) and having lost the previous match up. We'll get into the actual on field, physical comparisons soon enough. But for now, is this enough to worry about? Just a little?