Friday, December 20, 2013

Projecting next year's offensive line

Really, the last thing I wanted to do was start getting into the 2014 season before 2013 is even over. But Weiszer started it here with his story on how the offensive line shakes out following the departure of three senior starters - Burnette, Lee and Gates. So once the wheels started turning I just couldn't stop.

The short of it in terms of projections is this:

At first glance you have - one consistent starter in Andrews, a former five-star tackle in Theus who's looking for a breakout junior season, his chief competition (Houston), a few guys with some spot duty under their belts (Kublanow, Long, Dantzler) and a group of younger guys we hope can press those already mentioned.

But the fact that Theus started the last six games should help solidify him as one of the tackles. It was also hard not to like what we saw in Kublanow. With another spring under his belt he should be cemented in at left guard by summer I would hope. That leaves four guards to push rising senior Watts Dantzler for the right guard spot and either the left or right tackle spot for Houston, Beard, Ward and DeBell.

This is already the most interesting storyline heading into GDay. Unfortunately it's also the most interesting storyline for several years running.