Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Richard Manuel is dead.

Music has always had calming influence on the scattered, covered and smothered thoughts that bounce around my head like three olds that just discovered hot chocolate.

No less than ten times during the last week I've written a post aimed at bridging the gap between the 2013 season of ACL tears and the upcoming winter of waiting. Each time I've deleted it just to start over the next evening. Like many relationships and algorithms and small batch bourbons, it's complicated.

Yet, I'm intent on simplifying it. Despite the fact that doing so likely means not getting my point across completely.

Now, where was I again? Oh yeh, The Band. We can argue about their lasting impact given their series of stops and starts. But there's little doubt in regards to their influence on the music industry. And that is essentially what leads to this post - influence.

When I last deleted said post, I slammed the laptop closed, jammed the earbuds in and hit shuffle. What follows is the best video version there is of the song, one goddamned beautiful song about The Band's influence on one man. Sure, you can find shorter versions. But they don't have this guitar solo or brass section. So press play, and let the night air cool you off.

My only point today is that sometimes finding one true meaning is a pointless act of desperation. As a blogger I got lost in the forest without a single tree in sight. Got to sinking in the place where I once stood. I've let it simmer. Gonna also let it resonate too. Probably tomorrow. Maybe. Most likely.

For now I think I'll crank up The Weight. Take it away Levon!