Monday, December 30, 2013

So, about Nebraska.

Gonna man up and admit I've contracted an unhealthy dose if apathy for the 2014 Gator Bowl. That's at least part of the reason for the lack of posts recently. Mostly it's due to travel and time with the family though.

As fans we deserved more than this. And while I'm over it mostly, the fact that we have an athletic office that won't stand up and fight for a better post-season option than a repeat against Bo Pelini is an after taste that will linger unfortunately.

The true victims here are the players of course. And they've been working hard, first in Athens and now in Jacksonville. We've had some attrition in the secondary and at receiver with Conley's ankle injury. But it's still a matchup that favors Richt's squad. I've been working on a more detailed post looking at specific keys for the game. I'll have that up tomorrow.

For now, as I travel through southern Virginia and ready myself for the 234 mile hell of North Carolina I-85, I just wanted to say "Hey y'all!" and that I haven't forgotten where my blogging machine is. I'll dust it off tonight and plug it back in tonight.

Until then...Go Dawgs!

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