Friday, December 6, 2013

Some much louder Gurley compared to Herschel talk

I mean, you and I can bat the idea around casually just as easily as when we compare and contrast Aaron Murray and David Greene for instance.

But when Tim Worley says he believes Todd Gurley is on a standard set by Georgia's greatest running back player ever...well, it certainly carries a lot more cache.
“I haven’t seen one like him in awhile,” Worley said of Gurley. “He’s on another level. Every single time he touches the ball he is a threat. And he’s powerful, he’s big, he will hurt you, and he understands the game. And he plays like he’s been in the league forever. He’s up there. I put him right there with Herschel. Not quite as fast, but I put him right there with Herschel Walker.”
Better than you, Worley was asked?
“He’s right there with me,” he said, laughing. “As far as just the strength and the pounding and the physicality, he’s right there. That’s the traditional Georgia back.”
High praise from an SEC legend. And by our own estimation, praise well deserved.

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