Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sturdivant's life after football

Totally whiffed on this a couple days ago. In case you did as well, here's a great article catching up with Trinton Sturdivant who's back in Athens making a life after football. I particularly enjoyed this quip:
“Right now, life is a game, and I’m playing chess. Hopefully one day I’ll be on the monopoly board.” - Trinton Sturdivant
Should also add that this is a well timed piece by the Red and Black's Alec Shirkey in that Sturdivant has a unique perspective as a former blue-chip athlete that wasn't one of the 1.7% of college football players to make it to the NFL, and is now working hard to find his place in a challenging job market. Words many students could do well to heed, athlete or otherwise.