Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday's thoughts on a great day for America!

Before we dive in, I'd like to have everyone who thought the last pass, that hung tantalizingly in the air for so damn long, would most certainly find its way into a Tech receiver's hands for a touchdown please stand up...

Thank you. If you're not standing, you're either a liar or this was your first Georgia game of the 2013 season.

Some other random thoughts:
It's his team now. For realz.
- so this is now Hutson Mason's team. Not sure how much we learned except that he showed a lot of grit in his first complete game. Wasn't always easy and I thought it took him a good two quarters to settle into a rhythm. For awhile it seemed as though he was nervous, even when he had good protection. But 299 yards and a 61.1% completion percentage was a good look at what we have next season. And quite frankly I'm excited. Good game.
- [insert comment about Todd Damn Gurley doing Todd Damn Gurley things]
- Defensively I thought it was painfully ironic that we got ourselves in a 20-0 hole mostly from doing a good job against the run but failing to defend the pass against a team that really isn't comfortable doing it. Vad Lee's numbers were not eye popping (11-23 for 232) but they were much better than his season average. That hurts.
- while much of that may be blamed at not having Matthews and Wiggins, it's still one of the themes from this season I will look forward to leaving behind in the coming weeks.
- back to the rushing defense, we contained their workhorse Sims (100 yards on 21 carries) fairly well. But Lee not only hurt us in the air but also on the ground. And that's not something he's done against any other opponent when you look at his stats.
- Our front seven is really getting after it. As a whole they've gotten better each game and had six tackles for a loss yesterday. With a month to prepare and practice, this secondary can hopefully match this production. I truly think they're close (and was really glad to see Harvey-Clemons get that pick).
- I'm going to reserve any comments about the officiating until I have a chance to watch the televised version. My seat was a good one, but we couldn't really see the jumbotron to view any replays. But I can say that some of those flags came from awful spots on the field and very, very late after the play. And when I stop and consider that, it's about consistent for what we've seen this season.

Overall takeaway is this: this would've been an easy game to pack it up early. Coming in at 7-4 and having seen some really weird shit all season, this team had every reason and opportunity to say "Whatever. I'm done." Still, they hung in there and clawed their way back into it. I think that says a lot about the leadership, including Mason. And regardless of what we might say about the coaches, individually or collectively, it says a lot about them as well.

Lastly, Go Dawgs!! Have fun obsessing over our domination for yet another year nerds!