Friday, December 20, 2013

The greatest story Sexton ever told

I don't believe a word of this, and yet I believe all of it.
Texas Regents decide that Mack cannot coach the team in 2014, but cannot agree on a timeline for his removal.
Respected Longhorns writer/insider Chip Brown breaks a story that Mack Brown is stepping down. Brown’s article is based on a conversation with someone involved in the process of Mack’s removal and Saban’s hiring. Saban leaves town to recruit and avoid the inevitable media circus surrounding the announcement.
Texas reaches out to Saban, tells him the decision is made. Saban’s handlers are adamant that there can’t be a media circus. Mack has to step down quickly so Saban can make the move immediately. Sexton desperately wants to avoid Saban having to publicly deny interest in the Texas job.
Mack denies everything written in the article by Chip Brown, and won’t return calls to the Texas administration. The situation turns into a media circus – exactly what Saban hoped to avoid.
Well, I do believe the part about Terry Saban visiting Austin in October, touring $5 million homes and returning to Tuscaloosa to give Nick her blessing. The rest of it is either beautifully written prose or the masterful Jimmy Sexton's latest epic saga.

Probably somewhere in between.