Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tramel Terry - potential two-way threat?

Let's be honest, there's not much to read into the freshman working out at safety during bowl practices other than the coaches want to look at his skills in the secondary. On the other hand, there's not much else to talk about this time of year either.
Head coach Mark Richt and other coaches were not available for follow-up comments, on the move, first reported by Dawgs247.com. But Terry last week told Chuck Reedy, his former head coach at Goose Creek (S.C.) High School, that the Georgia coaches wanted to look at him at safety during bowl practice.
"I guess this is a good time during bowl practice just to experiment," Reedy said. "He was fine (with the move). He just wants to play. I don't think he really cares where he plays."
Georgia figures to be deep at receiver next year, with Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley returning from injury, and only one senior (Rantavious Wooten) set to leave. The secondary also figures to be deep, but that unit struggled immensely this season. So even though Terry is believed to have dynamic potential at receiver, the coaches are curious whether he could help more in the secondary.
"He weighs 205 (pounds). He's very strong, and is obviously very fast. He can certainly play there," Reedy said. "We worked him some in the secondary when he was in high school. Didn't play him much. But certainly he's good enough athlete to do that.
Depth at receiver could be one factor. Not satisfied with the potential at safety could be another. The third (and admittedly wildly speculative at this point) is that there could be some unexpected attrition in the secondary. The defensive backs' use and rotation (or lack thereof) was a curious subplot to the season.

Regardless, it seems certain Terry will play receiver. I bet the coaches want to see just how wide and varied his skillset is for future reference. Like Coach Reedy said, now's the time during bowl practice.

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