Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Coach Richt has lost control of good will

I had a dream that the AJC actually hung up on Jimmy Williamson and ran a positive piece on UGA football. And it didn't even involve beating Vanderbilt.

CLICK HERE for their slideshow. The smiling is out of control.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Richt's Heisman hopefuls

Given that it's June and all we have to comfort us at night as college football fans is outright speculation, let's dive into the deep end this morning.

Who is Georgia's greatest Heisman hopeful? And I ask that with the understanding that it might not be someone "in the running" this season. And I also ask that with the caveat that I (as well as most of Richt's players I'm sure) would rather achieve team goals rather than individual hardware.

But I was reading up on the 2013 Heisman Trophy odds and started to wonder, first if there might be an actual "hopeful" for 2013 and second how December's win-loss record would affect such a campaign.

Tramel Terry, future Heisman hopeful?
Clearly Aaron Murray is the leading candidate for Georgia this season. He's been in Athens since before Obama's first term and is coming off a record setting season. In fact, as we get closer to August 31st, the season opener will continually be billed as a matchup between two Heisman Trophy type quarterbacks. If Murray puts up a better performance than Tajh Boyd and lead his team to a win it will be a large step towards getting in the mouths of the ESPN talking heads. Although I'm sure Lou Holtz will still be firmly behind Dondrial Pinkins...

...yet I digress...

Next you have to put Todd Gurley, right? In fact, I might be able to construct an argument where he has an even better chance than Murray. If the sophomore tailback can sidestep a sophomore jinx and continue the trajectory he set during his freshman season, there's no telling where his numbers might rise to.

Who's next? You'd have to go with Malcolm Mitchell. But he seems a distant third, unless he drastically improves his special teams returns. After Mitchell the surprise name would be someone like Keith Marshall or JJ Green. Maybe Tramel Terry. He's coming off a knee injury but I hear he's making great strides and is right on schedule to participate some this summer as well as in August in preparation for the upcoming season. Take a look at this quote from a few months ago:
“They’re looking for me to be like a Percy Harvin type of guy,” Terry said of the former Florida wide receiver who had more than 1,900 receiving yards and more than 1,800 rushing yards in college. “They don’t have a guy like me to where I can run the ball and I’m a wide receiver at the same time. Sometimes they’ve got to go to the defensive side and bring Brandon Boykin or Branden Smith over to the offensive field. Now that they have me, they don’t have to do all that. We’ll see, once I get healthy.”
That's a Heisman-like role player. But you have to think he might be a year off from gaining ground on names like Manziel, Braxton Miller and Teddy Bridgewater.

So who else is there? For this season or on down the line in the future? Also, do you think someone like Terry has a better chance in a year or two than Murray does this season?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coach Richt is my Daddy hoodie

Guess we all woke up wanting to pick on the engiNerds a bit. This one comes from the talented BassinDawg. Available in all sizes along North Avenue.

Newest swarm of engiNerds

Kid in red shirt, front row: Oh my God. What have I done. This guy's wearing a sombrero and LITERALLY frying fish.

His mom: Yes, is this Coach Tereshinski? We've made a terrible mistake. Can Bobby still walk on with y'all?

Humpday Hilarity - funny because it's sexist

I lost track of what she was saying just a few seconds in. Gave me a headache. (h/t Mac)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Congrats Coach Friend!

  • And his wife in the birth of their son. Go Dawgs!

Bobo mic'd up

You would think that Mike Bobo's play calling would be the last topic of conversation to come up during a vacation. But it did at least once last week. And on some level I get that. But if there is one season to just hunker down and trust the offensive coordinator, it will be 2013. Bobo is coming off a record year, he has a stable of running backs, a solid offensive line and a fifth year senior under center.

Sure, there will be plays that I second guess. That's the nature of being a football fan. But it's past time for the relentless bashing to cease.

Anyway, here's a video of the coach wearing a mic during practice. He "loves the grind"!

So, what'd I miss?

Spent all day yesterday reading up on things. Of course, some of what happened while I was away I caught through some twitters and some email. But yesterday was my first real chance to catch up. So here goes.

Of course, there were a few commitments for the 2014 class. Friend of the blog Jason suggested I stay in Costa Rica for the benefit of recruiting. Unfortunately, Coach Richt did not return my requests for money. That really bummed the wife out...

Alas, the Dawgs may not need such drastic measures. Getting Chubb, Parrish and Park added to the commitment list last week sets the momentum for what could be another good summer for Richt. Even though it's hard to get excited about something that's not official for several more months, there's no denying that the positive news catches other recruits eyes. And Kipp Adams does a great job of outlining ($) the top prospects that Richt is still after in the upcoming class.

Coach Richt Is My Dawg 1 photoFreshman Reggie Wilkerson will be out this season after tearing up his knee. The early-enrollee was expected to compete at cornerback some this fall as well as special teams, especially after a good spring.

New diamond skipper Scott Stricklin was unable to lure away his Kent State pitching coach Mike Birkbeck, who chose to remain as the Golden Flash's pitching coach.

Next, Florida had a player was arrested. But it wasn't anything serious like an invalid license or anything. So I don't think it interrupted any AJC Sports department meetings. Don't get Chippy!! Still, this isn't the kind of leadership Muschamp wants from his probable starting middle linebacker. Hopefully the judge asks Morrison to state his name before the case is thrown out.

Tennessee has found a neat way to avoid having to add up any bowl more classes!!

Johnny Manziels wants out of College Station, even though he loves it so, but not before his twitter followers walk in his shoes. I'm as yet unclear as to which high profile sporting event they will need to meet him at to complete such a request. Stay tuned.

I also want to say thanks to Marshall for the kind words. Y'all should check out his writing at The Piedmont Chronicles. Good stuff, especially for you local history buffs.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Meatloaf - la vida padre

**I've evidently become accustomed to communicating in spanglish while on my trip to Central America. So an occasional word pops up here and there that may seem out of place. This may be an inconvenience, but el doctor assures me it is a symptom that will wear off. Lo siento mi amigo.

Searched for a nice blogging trabajo all last week in Costa Rica. It's such a beautiful country, and I'm pretty sure my kids would've taken the better part of their teen years to locate their parents so deep in the rain forest. Thereby saving me the pleasure of their angst ridden drama over clothes that don't match and other tales in being a diva. They don't teach geography until high school right? They probably think we were in Africa, or even California. Kids are dumb like that sometimes. It's cute actually.
Skeeter...not much of a mixologist

But, my interview with a local fütbol team didn't go as well as planned. I scored it a tie but they gave the job to a local chico just 13 years old. He evidently knew you weren't supposed to start singing Glory Glory when a referee pulled a tarjeta roja out of his back pocket. So much for being an undocumented American blogger in Quepos. What a hotshot little Ernesto was, with his Bic pen and his booko de notas. Throwing out knowledge about local soccer legends and then bribing the human resources guy with plantains. All I had was a half finished Cohiba and a stick of Juicy Fruit.

I'm dumb like that sometimes. It's not cute anymore.

So that's when the plane brought me back to y'all. And my kids. They were all jumping on me and kissing my face like I was the lead guitarist for Def Leppard "vocalist" of a boy band. As it turns out, I missed being a dad. Even more than I missed things like roaming data servicio, a wider selección of bourbon and not having geckos shit on the dinner table. I know it was only a week. But at my house I'm kind of a big deal. In Manuel Antonio I'm just another American tourist that can't roll his R's. That's what I get for taking spanish uno in high school from a black chick that grew up in New Jersey.

But really, being a padre is great. That local kid that knows a kick over the goal isn't worth tres points has no idea how good I have it. Yesterday, while he was probably dribbling dangling participles into his rice and beans I was getting home made cards and hugs. My niños know I'm not perfect. They know I couldn't execute a bicycle kick if you gave me two training wheels. And yet they still love me...

Yes. Dads' imperfections are expected and, dare I say, even wanted. My kids don't know what "dreams I flushed down the toilet", but they go nuts for me when I turn them upside down and tickle their feet. And in the end that's a bigger thrill than any half-ass post I could've written in spanglish about a Costa Rican high school star that Rivals rates as a four star midfielder. Whatever the hell that is. Those people can't even spell soccer right. No wonder they were so excited to tie Mexico last week.

La Pura Vida = REAL fresh sushi
So no, I didn't get the job and Fernando kicked me out of the house once the week's rent was up. But as a parting gift they shared with me their mantra. In Costa Rica they say "La Pura Vida", which literally translates to "the pure life". But it comes closer to meaning "living life to the fullest". And while last week that meant catching huge fish out of the Pacific waters with my homeboy Chita and trying to train our monkey "Skeeter" to mix a bourbon and ginger ale, this week it means loving my kids. Being a dad and a husband, and a wage earner and a spider killer when the oportunidad presents itself.

And that's why I didn't mind throwing their half-asleep, limp bodies over my shoulder late last night and lugging them to their bed. That's mi trabajo chico - la vida padre!

So I leave you with one more Father's Day moment that is muy especial. David Hood is a musical legend in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. His son Patterson is the lead man for my favorite band. They sat down together recently and jammed a bit. Respect yourself dudes. Your kids will follow suit. I promise.

¡Mucho gusto! Reader. Have a great day!