Saturday, July 20, 2013

Five star DT Lamont Gaillard commits to Georgia

A huge commitment for Coach Richt and his staff. Gaillard (6'4", 300lbs) is one of the top overall prospects in the nation and ranked #2 at his position. He's from Fayetteville NC and has chosen Georgia over Alabama, Clemson and Florida, among many, many others.

Even if you don't put much stock in "commitments" or recruiting in general, this is pretty big news for Dawg fans. That can't really deny. For one it shows that despite a small class in 2014 that is down to its last few spots available, Georgia continues to target top players and convince them Athens is the place to be. And also, Chris Wilson is becoming quite a force in recruiting overall and as a coach that can sell his position.

And from what Gaillard's high school coach says ($), you can see why Wilson really wanted North Carolina's top prospect.
“For a big guy, he runs very well,” Sochovka said. “He has great lateral movement down the line of scrimmage. There is one play on his highlight tape where, when I saw it, I told him jokingly before all this exploded, ‘That is going to be the one that gets you recruited.’ He came down the line of scrimmage, fought off a double-team, the play went outside and he made a tackle three or four yards downfield. He said, ‘But I didn’t make the sack.’ I told him it wasn’t about that. ‘You did everything you were supposed to do and you caught the guy from behind. That was a great effort and what they want to see.’ ” 
“They are going to get a player that can play all three downs,” Sochovka said. “He’s good enough on the pass rush and quick enough off his explosion that you don’t have to bring in a smaller, quicker guy to give you an inside pass rush. He is definitely a guy who can play all three downs at the college level.”  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fear and loathing in an Arby's

Taken from Clowney's Instagram. Not at all surprised that opposing quarterbacks aren't the only ones "scared" of him. Check out the dude with his kid in the corner.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things Richt will NOT say in Hoover this morning

Like you I'm sure, I'll be watching as Richt, Murray, Lynch and Smith descend on SEC Media Days and own it like a boss. You can follow me on twitter for instantaneous reactions. But here's a collection of things I do not expect to hear from Richt's podium:
  • "Gonna have to make this quick. I'm standing a pool of Muschamp's tears here."
  • "Yeh, I'm scared of that Clowney kid too....scared he's gonna actually be asked to attend a class! AmIRight?!?"
  • "Shut the f--- up Bianchi!"
  • "Let spurrier talk pretty. We're gonna do prison ward-yard time things to him come September 7th."
  • "My wife's hotter than Freeze's. With or without a visor!"
  • "But yes. I did in fact recruit Driskel as a water girl."
  • "It's a shame Manziel can't hold his wine coolers. Damn shame."
  • "Yeh, Garner tried to turn me in for butt dialing a recruit once. Look where he ended up. Effin' auburn."
  • "Wait. Missouri is a conference opponent? I thought that was just an cute non-SEC BCS home and home. Cheer the eff up Pinkel."
  • "Shut the f--- up Dodd!"
  • "I'm not leaving until I hear Coach Gotdamn Stoops bark like a Dawg!"
  • "You're asking me about a schedule like I give a shit. We play football son. Whoever shows up better line up."
  • "Yes. It's true. My daughter once had a doll named Manziel."
  • "Steve Shaw is Latin for 'Dial is my girlfriend'."
  • "Shut the f--- up Saban! You're not on til 11:20."
If I'm wrong I can only imagine the ajc headlines tomorrow. But, a Dawg can dream can't he?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SEC's Steve Shaw on "instantaneous fast acts"

SEC Coordinator of Officials Steve Shaw is trying to keep up with the speed of the game down here y'all.

That last statement about the quarterback remaining a defenseless player after a turnover, and the opposing players have to "stay off his head"...hmmm...

As Emerson mentions, that play was not one of the examples Shaw brought to SEC Media Days for everyone's consumption. Even though it seems like the perfect example of both the rule change alteration and the speed of the game. On a play when there's a possession change no less.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Muschamp admits eternal futility

The first step to acceptance and recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Dawgs and Chickens kick at 4:30pm on 9/7

Not big news. But now it's easier to plan that weekend's tailgate.
The Bulldogs’ showdown with South Carolina on Sept. 7 in Sanford Stadium will kick at 4:30 p.m and be shown nationally on ESPN.
The SEC announced the schedule for the first three weeks of the season.
Georgia’s season-opener at Clemson on Aug. 31 was previously announced for 8 p.m. on ABC.
The Bulldogs have the first of two open dates on Sept. 14. 
 And didn't the 2011 game kick at 4:00 or 4:30pm too?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kolton Houston named to Lombardi Award watchlist

Hey. A Dawg can dream can't he? #freeKoltonHouston


July 10th, 2014

The Football Writers Association of America named Georgia tackle Kolton Houston to the Lombardi Award watchlist yesterday. The award is given annually to the nation's most outstanding lineman or linebacker. Last year Chris Burnette was named to the watchlist which also recognizes its winner for their discipline on and off the field. Georgia's only winner was David Pollack in 2003. Houston is one of nearly 100 players named for the 44 year old award which will begin narrowing the list down in November. The award will be presented in December by the Rotary Club of Houston.
(photo credit: Radi Nabulsi)

Just a year ago this would have seemed impossible. Houston was sitting in NCAA purgatory, waiting for his levels of norandrolone to meet acceptable levels. Norandrolone is a steroid that was put into Houston's body while in high school after shoulder surgery. The steroid has been trapped in his shoulder ever since, leading Huston to try numerous alternative treatments to rid himself of the steroid. Despite evidence that he was not continuing to use the drug and that it wasn't providing any unnatural benefit, the NCAA continued to force Houston to sit, even as his story gained national attention.

Just as it seemed the lineman from Buford GA would never be able to play college football, Georgia Strength and Conditioning coach Joe Tereshinski had an impromptu and private meeting with NCAA president Mark Emmert. The summit lasted an entire week and neither party has come forward with any details of the events that took place, other than to say that Emmert now has acceptable form for a squat. And that Mr. Houston's eligibility was restored, effective immediately.

After working into the rotation for the LSU game (and sealing the edge on the winning touchdown run by Keith Marshall), Houston really came on strong and bolstered Coach Friend's offensive line through numerous nagging injuries. Before the Florida game Houston was named the starter and celebrated the personal milestone by playing all 82 snaps and keeping Aaron Murray's jersey clean throughout. All in all it was more than enough to justify Houston and the Athletic Department's long fight for his eligibility. Fans, coaches and players alike were thrilled.

Georgia opens its season on August 30th in Athens against Clemson. It is expected that Kolton Houston, now a senior who's unique and tormented past is firmly in the rear view mirror, will start at right tackle. And Georgia fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday's Meatloaf - of hop pellets and a lead foot

Until yesterday my memory of homebrewing went a lot like this: walk into obscure mid-1990's brew supply store, walk past all the wine-making crap to the back corner, grab some ingredients according to a recipe I found on the internet in a book mom had given me for Christmas, get really excited, convert the kitchen into a sticky mess, listen to the wife complain about the smell while you smile uncontrollably at the thought of all that Miller Lite you're not going to have to drink now, finish the batch and laboriously bottle it all up, then come to the realization that although it's better than a Coors Banquet beer, it's still not close to what I had anticipated in the back corner of the mid-1990's brew supply store.

Rinse with sterilization solution and repeat.

Yes, until yesterday. Sunday July 14th the inaugural batch of Beaver Dawg Brew boiled to perfection. And while it did so, Nama, Cord and myself were able to drink really good beer...and talk about football...and grill meat...and drunkenly discuss the intricacies of the George Zimmerman case...and drink really good beer...and talk about the recipe Cord found on the internets...and eat grilled meats...and plan out the fermentation process.

I'm sorry your tailgate this fall won't be nearly as hoppy as ours Reader. But if you stumble by maybe we'll give you a taste. Cheers!

Today's Ingredients
- Another successful Dawg Night is in the books. And Dyshon Sims' commitment is the talk of the town.
- Speaking of Sims, Blutarsky recaps why Saban will have to use a cellular device to sell his one year plan to the St. Pete prospect.
- DavetheDawg evaluates the current class of commits and asks you what position would best round it out.
- Tyler has a theory as to why UGA is not preparing billboards touting Murray for Heisman. Have to say I agree. Individual attention is the last thing our quarterback wants. Or needs. All good things...
Not what Archie meant by "I twins right
formation" Johnny. Not at all.
- As Manziel was nursing his acute illness massive hangover this weekend, I couldn't help but wonder how his erratic behavior will affect the sports betting odds in A&M games this fall. Will people lose confidence in his ability to lead on the field?
- Confession: I didn't watch that shark movie y'all. But LSUFreek makes me wish I had.
- With Media Days looming this week, Paschall tells us the focus is not on the rear view.
- Hey look, I made the #NoleNationDraft!! (h/t Hale)
- Lastly, this was a great read by Weiszer on the current landscape for gay athletes, both at UGA and across the country.

Dear Officer Myers,

It was great meeting you along highway 64 a couple weeks ago. I apologize for arriving at your speed trap so hastily. The family was eager to get to the beach and the pressure was sitting squarely on my shoulders. Or the gas pedal under my right flip flop as the case may be.

We had a chance to meet so many nice people while in your neck of the woods. I wish you had the same opportunity. No, really I do.

There was the gentleman in the tank top using his knees to steer his Dodge Ram while he used his two thumbs to text his buddy. Undoubtedly it was something of vital importance, such as how much Coors Light he had consumed in the 7-11 parking lot. Or perhaps to ask which finger he'd blow off with an M-80 the next night during their Fourth of July celebration. I'm just glad we didn't allow our car to interfere with the weaving of his truck, and the trailer he was using to haul his jet skis. And his Coors Light. And his

Then there was the gal holding a cigarette with her left hand while scratching off her lottery tickets with her right. I'm no math major Officer Myers, but I believe that leaves her with less than one hands to steer her Expedition as she weaved in between cars. You would've loved to meet her...assuming you could've forced your vehicle up to a speed fast enough to catch up to her. Word of caution, watch out for flying butts. And used cigarettes.

Anyway. I hope my transgression didn't ruin your July 4th holiday. After you served me with my summons and we parted ways, suddenly my daughters were quite adept at shouting out the speed limit changes from the back seat. If they had only found the time to assist 30 minutes before you asked me to roll down my window we would've never met.

And I'd be a couple hundred dollars richer. Perhaps that nice lady could loan me some cash from her scratch off winnings.

Bernie, the guy in the UGA cap