Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time to GATA!!

Tiger walk swole up like Bo!

Dawgs on Top of the tiger walk

WarTiglesmen killer - Michael Johnson

Yesterday we looked at the 2002 renewal of this Georgia-Auburn rivalry and Sean Jones' specific impact. Today it's the guy on the other side of the ball, Greene's favorite target that day - Michael Johnson.

As mentioned earlier, the offense struggled converting third downs and found themselves in a 14-3 hole at halftime. But adjustments were made in the locker room and Johnson was targeted much of the second half. Still, Auburn answered Georgia's first touchdown in the third quarter with one of their own and held a 21-17 lead for most of the fourth quarter. But Greene and his offense took over with 1:58 left in the game needing a touchdown to keep alive their hopes of going to Atlanta for their first ever SECCG.

And it was Johnson who caught passes on the first and last plays of that historic drive, the second of which came on the now infamous 4th down call a full 19 yards away from the goalline - 70X Takeoff.

The rest is history. Michael Johnson became a legend that evening in Auburn. And with good reason. His numbers - 13 catches for 141 yards and a touchdown.

Michael Johnson, damn good Dawg!

Gameday, on the plains

Gonna be an exciting day! And I'll try and post some pics/videos if I'm able. But while I'm away I thought it'd be fun to have another little contest. The guys at KeyPoint Technologies have graciously agreed to give away another FIVE FREE DOWNLOADS of their Android smart keyboard made especially for Dawg fans (see pics below).

So the question is below, all you have to do is answer correctly in the comments. First five take the prize!

The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry has been played in seven different cities dating back to 1892. It was played in Athens as early as 1912, but not in Auburn for quite some time. What was the first year it was played in Auburn?

GeorgiaDark.jpg  GeorgiaLight.jpg

If you miss the chance on winning the free download outright, don't worry. KeyPoint Technologies is also giving you a chance to download the keyboard for 50% off JUST THIS WEEKEND!! So if you're an Android user and would like it, just CLICK HERE!

As always, thanks for reading. And Go Dawgs!

Homecoming: the sights, the sounds, the interviews

Some of Nama's footage from last Saturday in Athens. I want you to pay particular attention to our debate on what the Georgia at Auburn line would be. And of course, notice who was right. Ahem.

But mainly notice the beautiful kids and the Damn Good Dawgs at the Dawg Walk! Was a great day to be in Athens!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Misery - tales of burglary and animal husbandry

They say that Misery loves company. Let's huddle up shall we?

[right click, paste]
Ahem, as I was saying...want to punch them in their filthy face. Wanna line up and ram the ball down their Pat Dye throats cuz that bastard's been dead to me for years! I want Murray to throw for 600 and Gurley to score touchdowns til Wednesday. No, not next Wednesday. The third Wednesday of December! I hate their Nick Fairley guts! I hate their War, their Damn, their TigerEagle, and their laughable SAT scores. Everything they've earned, they've stolen. Everything they've won has involved some short cut. When they can't win the game on the field, they aim their fire hoses at anyone within a 100 yard radius that reminds them of everything they'll never be - smart, athletic, classy, well dressed, able to obtain dates with non-livestock, mature, sophisticated, intelligent enough to operate their own pants zipper, developed beyond the paleolithic era, funny, astute, enlightened, playing with a full 52 cards, capable of controlling one's own saliva, family tree branches. And it has leaves.
Kristi Malzahn. Posturing for a robbery.

Tradition rich thievery
Oh, perhaps that last one cut a little deep. After all, modern anthropologists agree that the citizens of Auburn have not been able to wipe their ass with anything other than their own hands since 1937. And hey! That's something all Auburn fans can claim as their own! A tradition as deep and rich as two-ply Charmin. Give yourself a pat on the back Barners!

But every other tradition on the plains is friggin' stolen. Right down to their fight song. Bless their hearts, music can be so hard to create on one's own when the university has all the rhythm of a frozen faucet. Don't believe me? Watch an Auburn "graduate" try and clap their hands after a touchdown or a successfully placed bribe. It's about the funniest twenty-six seconds of your life before they just give up and stomp their feet. Again, paleolithic era FOR THE WIN!!

Auburn steals players, they steal championships, they steal their own school's accreditation and burn it during some sixth grade science experiment go awry. "Look y'all! Fire really do get hhHHHHOOOTT!!! OUCH!"

Hell, they even have men there that steal women's purses. Sad really. Almost as sad as the guy that played Grand Theft Auto with someone's actual truck. Oh wait, that was Auburn too. Figures.

And now they've adopted a former Georgia quarterback; a kid that took money from his own teammates. It makes sense really. What other locker room would he possibly fit into except for the one that's also full of cheaters and short cutters? I'm all for second chances. You can believe that. It's just funny how so many of them come in Lee County AL.

You wanna hunker, or you wanna date Mr. Ed?
I need y'all to feel this now. I can smell the negativity from a mile away and I can sense the uncertainty in my sleep. You have doubts. You expect the worst. You're so caught up in your own lowered expectations that you're feeling a draft of cold air.

Dawgs. Posturing for a fight.
Well, ZIP UP YOUR GOTDAMN DRAWERS NANCY!! This is the Deep South's oldest game. It's divided by 54 wins and eight ties apiece. It's Herschel > Bo. It's actual diplomas versus quilted Northern. It's a program that uses its plane for recruiting versus one that uses theirs for trying to steal coaches in the dead of night. We have Tra Battle eating your quarterback's lunch. You have Terry Bowden eating spoonfuls of Crisco. We have sororities and dorms and classrooms full of beautiful coeds. You have tracts of land with sheep, pigs, goats and that one mule with the lazy eye. We get after that ass! You cheat after that ass. Dawgs finish the drill. War Tigers finish the sentence.

Sometimes. When given a minute or two. And the participle dangles just right.

I'm not asking much. Just that you not obsess over a quarterback who lifted personal property from his teammates in Athens just so that he could have a go at Nick Fairley's former equine girlfriend. You think the guys in red and black have forgotten? No. Then you shouldn't either.

Look, you have one team that has over-achieved and another that has under-achieved. Gimme the under. Give me the hunker! Give me the red and black. Give me the straight shooters and you can keep your fly by night fancies. I want Georgia. I want Johnson on a 70 X Takeoff. I want the road whites. I want Murray's scar. I want Dooley's tennis shoes. I want Wayne Johnson coming off the bench. I want Sean Jones crushing souls and then you can keep your Junior Rosegreen and his candy ass. I want Corey Allen's miracle and Ray Goff copping a squat on Baby Bowden's winning streak.

I just wanna hunker. Go ahead Auburn. Do your War Eagle things. Throw your bourbon in Munson's face. Turn on those hoses and let it rain down on me. I'll take your Jordan-Hare baptism if it means the clock ran out on you again. And here, take my wallet if you must. You already charged me nearly $100 just to get in, so there ain't much left. I'll let you continue your thievin' ass ways.

Yes, we're off towards the Cheatingest Little Village on the Plains. And Hell's coming with me!

WarTiglesmen killer - Sean Jones

In 2002 Georgia rolled into Auburn with tremendously high stakes on the table. Reaching for their first ever SEC East title had led them into Eastern Alabama with a 9-1, 6-1 record and high hopes. Unfortunately, things didn't go so smoothly. The offense came out flat and didn't convert a single 3rd down in the first half. And the defense had trouble controlling Ronnie Brown and Jason Campbell who helped propel Auburn to a 14-3 halftime lead.

But Georgia's luck turned around a bit in the second half, most notably late in the third quarter when offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb recovered a fumble in the endzone for his first "rushing touchdown". We'll look more closely at the offensive player of the game tomorrow morning, but today it's about the one guy that held things together while the team tried to regain their footing in a hostile environment.

Sean Jones. The Dawgs' safety had 133 all purpose yards, 75 came on punt returns (the Tigers only netted 28 yards on punts), 11 on a fumble recovery and another 58 came on an interception return. His complete stat line for the day - 11 tackles, fumble recovery and 2 interceptions, 4 punt returns for 75 yards. He was the Super Glue that held things together so that the team could stay within arms reach of the War Eagles.

Sean Jones, damn good Dawg!

Tennessee one of America's ugliest campuses

Regardless of all of Butch's bricks, Tennessee's campus is not thought of very highly.
In the magazine's recent online feature on America's Ugliest College Campuses, the 'stately walls of old UT,' per the lyrics of the school's alma mater, came in as the 11th-ugliest in the nation according to the editors.
Aside from calling the John C. Hodges library an eyesore, the writers also say that with “a lack of green space and a road slicing the campus in half, the brick and concrete environs of the University of Tennessee could double as a skateboard park.”
Ouch. No wonder they drink through their rectums. (h/t AHD)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

EngiNerd haz a sad.

via Tom Fornelli

SEC East scenarios with a side of desperation

Posting this here because we had this discussion at dinner the other night. Sometimes divisional tie-breakers are like rocket surgery, complicated and intricate. And this weekend won't clear things up much as Mizzou is enjoying a bye week while holding all the cards. Still, the Tigers' beat guy Dave Matter provides the least complicated rundown of where things stand heading into the home stretch.

For Georgia fans clinging to any and all hope, it's simple - win out and force yourself to pull hard for both Ole Miss and Texas A&M. There is no scenario where the Dawgs extend their season towards Atlanta without Mizzou losing both of those games, while also beating Auburn and Kentucky.
What if Missouri loses to both Ole Miss and Texas A&M?
Missouri 5-3, UGA 6-2, SC 6-2…UGA wins
Missouri 5-3, UGA 6-2, SC 5-3…UGA wins
Missouri 5-3, UGA 5-3, SC 6-2…SC wins
Missouri 5-3, UGA 5-3, SC 5-3…MU wins
Missouri 5-3, UGA 4-4, SC 6-2…SC wins
Missouri 5-3, UGA 4-4, SC 5-3…SC wins

Conley makes a stride towards the Plains

After the fluke play that sidelined him for a couple games, you just knew Chris Conley was itching to get back out there. And yesterday he did just that.
Conley, wearing a non-contact jersey. was running straight ahead and changing direction and ran a couple of routes early in practice.
Richt then got permission from director of sports medicine Ron Courson if he could join the receivers and backs with offensive coordinator Mike Bobo against the scout team.
“I was telling the quarterback, `He’s going halfspeed or whatever,’ and then Conley kind of ran a little bit faster than half speed and snatched the ball and Bobo was looking around like maybe we ought to let him practice a little bit,” Richt said. “So he ran routes.”
Even if he's only able to contribute a fraction of his regular workload this would be huge for the offense that is getting healthier each week. Conley is Georgia's top receiver with 30 catches for over 400 yards. Rhett McGowan and Rantavious Wooten have stepped in nicely (and both will certainly get plenty of snaps Saturday regardless).

But Conley adds more to the table. Just ask Tennessee.

WarTiglesmen killer - Kyle King

Perhaps you think you hate Auburn. There was a time, a fleeting moment perhaps, when I thought that I hated Auburn. But your hate and my hate combined is not enough to even script one sentence fragment in the voluminous chapter that T Kyle King has devoted to his hatred for all things Auburn.

If we hate the Barners, he loathes them and every fiber of their worthless being. If we simply want to beat them thoroughly and soundly, as if to leave no doubt who is the better team on the field and the better fan base in the stands, he wants to see them writhing in pain and sheer agony; he'd like to see them grasping at their ears as we sing victoriously and he laughs maniacally at their current malaise and saddened state.

Normally, I would not use this space to promote a mere wordsmith among the likes of Tra Battle and Steve Boswell and Uga V. But we can draw strength from this former DawgSports editor's surliness:
"I hate Auburn from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I hate Auburn in the pit of my stomach and the marrow of my bones and the depths of my soul and from the belly button outward in every direction. I hate Auburn downward to the center of the earth and upward to the heavens and at every point on the map. I hate Auburn for average and I hate Auburn for power. I hate Auburn currently and historically, latently and patently, generally and specifically, and jointly and severally. If hating Auburn were oil, I’d be Iraq."
Yes. Preach it brother! Even a year later the words bring light to a world filled with Auburn's lies and misdeeds. They provide harbor in a storm of Plainsmen deceit and dishonesty. I can almost see Pat Dye's lips moving silently as he tries to pronounce arduous words like crown...and map. In a world where the South's Oldest Rivalry can be split right smack dab in the middle at 54 wins apiece and eight ties, we can

Indeed. Kyle King, damn good Dawg! And expert WarTiglesmen hater!

Abuurn fnas rcok!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another BOOM! of support in Gainesville

Even though smart money is on Pease being let go, Muschamp evidently has the support he needs for a 2014 campaign.

High times in the prettiest little village

All smiles around Auburn and greater Lee County these days.

Making his way through Auburn’s campus every day, Gabe Wright can see a difference in the faces of everyone he meets.
And with each win the seventh-ranked Tigers register, the memories of last season’s misery seem to fade farther and farther into the ether.

“The teachers’ attitudes are better, the bus drivers’ attitudes are better — I guess what I’m trying to get at is that everybody’s attitude is better,” the Auburn junior defensive tackle said Tuesday. “There’s not much bad that can come from winning. It’s a new day here.”
And this, from another Georgia product incidentally.
“We know the implications. We know what’s at stake and how important this game is,” Tigers junior tight end C.J. Uzomah said. “That’s another part of the reason we’re focusing on this game (against Georgia) as hard as we are.”
Beating King Saban will undoubtedly be Malzahn's greatest challenge this season. But keeping everyone focused on this lowly, poor Bulldogs squad could end up being a very close second.

WarTiglesmen killer - Tra Battle

Perhaps the greatest performance against Auburn for any Georgia defensive player, ever, in helping prove that Brandon Cox is indeed color-blind.

Three interceptions, one returned for a touchdown, helped Tra Battle become
Auburn's leading receiver back in '06 on the Plains.

Tra Battle, damn good Dawg!

Seen here without his cape.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flag on the season

Had a buddy in college that did a lot of the intramural officiating. They pay wasn't great, but the job was easy. At least that's what Jim told me as he convinced me to help out with flag football one day when they were short some officials. We had played for a couple seasons, so I knew the rule differences and felt like it'd be an easy paycheck towards that weekend's beer fund.

Wrong. The game was tight and the team that was ahead had the ball with very little time, but promptly threw a long pass that was intercepted. It wasn't an easy interception. In fact, it appeared to have fallen incomplete as I ran downfield to cover the play. That judgment, coupled with me running with the whistle in my mouth, prompted me to blow the thing inadvertently.

The result was one team being able to retain possession and run out the clock. And the other team wishing some second hand, no good referee were dead. Like immediately dead. Right there hanging from the nearest tree. Ever since then I've related too uncomfortably to scenes at sporting events where the officials are whisked away amid boos, insults and foreign objects being hurled at them. But for me on this late afternoon, it was just me and my good friend Jim. Thanks dude!

Anyway, all that to say that I write this with some level of beleaguered understanding for what SEC officials must deal with on Saturdays around the southeastern United States. Only they have much more detailed training than I had and get paid better too. Add to that the fact that they've been given somewhat of a raw deal with this targeting rule in that it is flawed - it's a rule to protect the NCAA from future litigation and, although it will likely be altered from its current state this coming offseason, it is here to stay in some form or another. The end result is a group of guys that really can't win for losing.

Hey 5Deuce, can the ground cause a
fumble? Hell no! (via)
There's always a difference watching live in person as opposed to live on television. We can watch at home and anticipate a flag, sure. But when you're there you can see when one comes from somewhere away from the play. Perhaps it's a long pass that you follow with your eyes to the end, but then trail back to the original line of scrimmage because you thought you might have seen an offensive lineman holding or a defensive player closing in for a potential late hit. Or maybe you thought you saw something yellow fly out from your peripheral vision. You want to see if there's a flag because there's a reasonable possibility for one laying near the quarterback.

However, I noticed this past weekend that I had started to scan the field even when I didn't expect a flag. I've never given too much credence to the idea that all refs, and I mean any and all of them in the entire wide world of sports, have it out for the Georgia Bulldogs. I mean sure, we've gotten screwed plenty of times where the idea would hold up in court. But overall I think the referees are just guys that are out there trying to earn a paycheck.

But there I am, expecting a flag after each and every play as if these guys are going to look for any and every wrongdoing, be it a penalty or some other form of false judgment. And if they don't find what they're looking for they will create one from their feeble imagination (hint: Herrera's "fumble" Saturday). And I realize that this is not the way it should be. Not at all.

No, I'm not naive. Really. I recognize that officiating has been a problem for years on end (JASPER'S KNEE WAS DOWN DAMNIT!!). Again, we're talking about guys doing their part time jobs, and who are human beings after all. They're going to make mistakes and logic dictates that, at times, those mistakes will be particularly untimely.

I just hate that the game we love has come to this - worrying too much (at least more than should be normal) about officiating affecting the game's outcome. Those guys are supposed to have a goal of making it in and out of a stadium without being recognized. And although we can all pull Marc Curles, Al Ford, Penn Wagers and company out of a lineup, that doesn't mean it's okay to expect to have to play against an SEC team AND Steve Shaw's merry band of refs each weekend.

What's the solution? When will the SEC offices care enough to make some kind of change? Why can't these guys be held to a greater accountability? Years ago I recognized that I was not good at wearing the stripes and got my happy ass back to the sidelines. Some of these guys need to be shoved in the same direction.

Or should I say "targeted"?

/end rant

Looking for one in the house that sCam built!

UPDATE - Ticket has been secured. See y'all in West Opelika. Go Dawgs!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I find myself in need of one ticket for Saturday's game in Auburn. You see, the last time I went to Jordan-Hare we simply won. This time we're going to kick their ass! So if you have one available and don't mind sitting next to a really loud guy wearing red, hit me up at BernieDawg AT gmail.

AJ Green was angry that day my friend.

WarTiglesmen killer - Steve Boswell

Go read this old post from Garbin. Do you notice any similarities between the two teams heading into that game and the ones heading into Saturday's renewal of the rivalry? Hope the result is just as similar. That Game Between the Hoses was a classic!

And there were several key players for the Dawgs that made sure the right guys won the game. One of them was certainly Steve Boswell.

A senior linebacker from Warner Robins, Boswell tallied 19 tackles in that epic game. It was a brutal affair that saw highly ranked Auburn scrap their way back into reaching distance. But with under a minute remaining and the Tigers driving down the field, Boswell sealed the win with a dramatic interception. (If you're so inclined, you can see the game in its entirety here.)

Steve Boswell, damn good Dawg!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Targeting - Corey Moore edition

Heard a lot of chatter about his ejection Saturday. Some of which was aimed at him for putting himself in the situation. And I've got to say, honestly, I thought the same thing while in the stadium.

But having rewatched the game, and that particular play several times, Moore was making a good football play. In fact, I think the actual flag is questionable. Even though while in Sanford it really appeared to be moderately egregious (yes, this is how low we've sunk, assigning levels of egregiousness). It's a play Moore has certainly been coached to make for years.

Now, that's not to say I'm surprised a flag was thrown. It was a bang-bang play and the receiver was not going to catch the ball. Which is why most, including myself, were upset to begin with Saturday. Why put yourself in the position for getting a 15 yard penalty, or worse with the volume of targeting calls we've seen, when there was no chance of App State completing the play for yardage? But again, the guy's just doing what he's been practicing since he was knee high to Prince Miller.

I've got a separate post coming about officiating. I didn't queue it up today because I really want to make sure it's fair and balanced (Ha! I know right?). But my question here is how do you view this particular call? Both from Moore and the officials' point of view. And then from the replay guy's view having had the luxury of slowing the play down and evaluating it.

Targeting is aimed at 1) protecting a defenseless player and 2) cutting down on players leading with the crown of the helmet. At live speed (both in the stadium and on television) it appeared to me that Moore had done just that - lead with the helmet to a defenseless player's head/neck region. On replay it looked more like his shoulder to the receiver's chest area. So does that make the replay official more culpable?

We're in a vast gray world these days. You've got players having to unlearn techniques they've spent years developing and officials equipped with more and more authority/pressure to impact the game and outcome. Egads!

And add to the mix that this play was not flagged for targeting...jeez Louise! What a mess.

Early thoughts on Auburn

This is awkward isn't it? We should be getting ready for another home weekend and a visit from Auburn instead of packing up for yet another trip over there. Anyway, that's not the case. But I've got a short list of things we need to keep a close eye on this week.
  • Gurley's practice progress. This will be tricky. If he practices a lot that should be a good sign. I mean, he's definitely not 100%. But he makes the offense click and is a huge bonus to Murray getting a full field to work with in pass progressions. So if he's out there in full contact (which I expect he will be), that's a plus. But...if he skips a day(s) that may not be anything bad. Of course Richt and staff know what they have in Gurley. So the goal is really keeping him both fresh and as close to 100% as possible.
  • Auburn's mindset. All that stands in Alabama's way of another trip to Atlanta is Missy State and Auburn. All that's left for Auburn is us and Bama. Do they even glance ahead? Remember, this is certainly a well-coached and good team. But they're young. Even a glance ahead or a small distraction could be huge in the first half Saturday night.
  • Artie Lynch. Similar to Gurley above, how much action does he get? I think I can speak for all of us that if this past game were an SEC game he would've played. With Rome hobbled we need Lynch back for help in both blocking and receiving.
This is a winnable game. But it will take a team clicking on all cylinders. We'll get more deeply into the X's and O's here shortly. I just like the confidence our defense is playing with and the fact that our offense is getting healthier.

In short, we're not where we were when we played the last night of August at "Auburn with a lake". But we're closer than we've been in awhile.

WarTiglesmen killer - Uga V

Might as well start this off right. In what is arguably the greatest game of this old and storied series, Uga V showed some bark and some bite in taking a lunge at Tiger receiver Robert Baker. Those of us who remember the lackadaisical first half like to think this memorable moment sparked the team towards their epic comeback. Mr. Baker may now be facing life in prison for trafficking heroin, but he's doing so with his genitalia intact.


Uga IV's Magillicuddy, damn good Dawg!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

AwwBarn - 3:30 kick

GATA. Or as they say on the plains - Lte's paly fotoblal!!

Sunday Thoughts on bowl eligibility

First of all, if you haven't seen the video of the National Guardsman's surprise return (even if you were in the stadium to witness it), click here. Great stuff.

Some thoughts on the game:

  • Congrats to Murray on climbing past Wuerrfel. And when you consider the sheer number of receivers he's had to work with (both during his career and especially this season), it's that much more impressive.
  • I liked the way the coaching staff handled Gurley. When the goal was just to give him enough work to get his feet underneath him after missing three and a half games, I think they did just that with 13 carries for 75 yards.
  • Receiving corps is also looking healthier and more complete. Wooten has really stepped up as a target all over the field that Murray trusts. Bennett just does Michael Bennett things. Rumph will be a difference maker, hopefully very, very soon.
  • If you ask me Bobo showed more of the playbook than he wanted to. But I was very glad that he kept it open a bit once Mason took over. Sure, the passes the backup quarterback was asked to make were mostly conservative in nature. But he was very crisp and confident. I think that was well designed.
  • The defense has made great strides. Granted, this was a lowly Div II team, but we're starting to see the secondary and the linebackers specifically play much more instinctively. And the defensive front continues to add plenty of pressure in the backfield.
  • Ramik Wilson I believe has made great improvement in just the last couple games. In short, making more plays/tackles moving towards the line of scrimmage instead of away from it.
  • How much different would the first half have been had Chris Mayes been able to intercept that pass that went just off his fingertips?
  • Faton Bauta!!! The only thing missing from the third string quarterback's appearance as the clock drained was Larry Munson attempting his name. My guess would be "FuhTawn Buttuh".
  • That was fun, now onto some of the not so good stuff...
  • The fake punt was a bad call, obviously. But it looked like the blocking was there for Davis. It's just that everyone in the stadium could see it developing, so the defenders reacted swiftly and at least two of them went virtually unblocked.
  • I kinda hope that was called to set something up for The Plains.
  • The penalties. Well, more on that in a minute.
  • Murray's interception was yet another case of locking onto a receiver. And he had JJ Green on the underneath route for a good gain. If he just looks at another receiver there the linebacker who intercepted it wouldn't have been nearly as deep and either been a mismatch against Green or have left enough room to get the pass into Rome.
  • Speaking of underneath routes...Malzahn is busy this morning installing several more into his offensive attack. I think the Mountaineers completed another one as I typed this bullet.
  • Although the receivers are stepping up as a whole, they left some drops out there. And the routes aren't as crisp as we need them this late in the season.
The flags. This is something we need to look at from two perspectives. On one hand you have players making dumb plays - like Leonard Floyd letting a Mountaineer get so far under his skin that he takes a cheap shot at him and draws a meaningless penalty. I mean really?

However. The goal of every officiating crew should be to make an entrance and an exit from each stadium without drawing unnecessary attention. This season has seen whatever is the opposite of that. The targeting rule is one thing, and will surely be altered in the off season. But there comes a point in time when as an official you have to decide if that flag in your pocket is making a bigger impact than is necessary. And it's not just flags of course. How in God's name can a shitty call be made - AND THEN UPHELD!! - on Herrera's interception and then subsequent "phantom fumble"?

Overall, great day in Athens! Thanks go out to all the Redcoats, players and cheerleaders that came back to make it what it was. Glory Glory to ol' Georgia!

The unbridled terror of Dinosaur Fan

Just, so much awesomes.