Friday, January 17, 2014

Dawgs are flipping the script!

So the sun can shine on our ass. Hmmph.

Hey, it's Friday! Let's ignore the bong in the corner and do something really fun, as well as street legal. Reading (and feeling) all of the positive vibing the last few days got me thinking...what are the most favorable coaching moves/non-moves of the young off season? Then I added favorable early departures to the NFL, especially since Georgia has no one in that boat for the first time in many years. These moments can be fleeting, therefore they must be celebrated!

So I've ranked them below. I originally aimed to stay away from ones that were directly related to Georgia. But then Toddy started tweeting again.
Give us one number greater than the number of
times you've ever won in Jax Will? ... Good! Very good!

So eff you towel boy!
  1. Louisville goes grantHAM. As pleasant surprises go, this is up there with that time my soon to be bride sent me to Vegas with my best friends, $10,000 cash and a wink. Except that actually never happened. But the former actually did.
  2. Muschamp avoids pink slip. Heady, bold move by Jeremy Foley. Well, not so much heady as bold. Regardless, Georgia fans are gratefully pinching themselves.
  3. Texas hooks Charlie Strong. This one is almost tied with Muschamp's vote of confidence. Because the worst thing that could happen for the WLOCP, would be for Florida to have a vacancy while Strong's agent is antsy.
  4. Missouri loses Josey/Kony. These early departures, coupled with wrecking ball Michael Sam leaving, make our second trip to ColaWest much easier.
  5. Big chicken flew the speed traps. Jadeveon Clowney had a disappointing final season. But I leave him (as well as fellow early departure Bruce Ellington) here because it's worth mentioning that much like Mizzou, South Carolina will look much different next year having to replace Connor Shaw and Chaz Sutton.
  6. VANDY SHAKE UP!! Minor tremor in Nashville. Franklin gave us some fits. But all in all his impact on the series between Georgia and Vanderbilt stayed true to history - some tight games, an occasional blowout for the Dawgs, and a mind-numbing loss once in a blue moon. 
  7. Saban brings KiffBaby home. It's a match made in blogging heaven. Even though we'll never hear from Kiffin, he'll be there...doing things that make our keyboards dance brilliantly.
  8. Paul Johnson survives and advances. With that second half turd he laid on North Avenue this year, he vaulted well past Reggie Ball, Chan Gailey and Dave Braine as my all time favorite engiNerd.
  9. Sammy leaves Clempson for greener weed pastures. And his replacement won't have Bahj Toyd to throw to him either. 
  10. Arkansas State hires Trooper Taylor. Not directly related to Georgia (unless McGarity schedules the Red Wolves sometime soon...PLEASE!!) but college football is better off with the one, the original towel boy.
Suck it Grantham!

Honorable mention to Auburn having to actually get on the bus and come to Athens for the first time in a while. And also to Tennessee for ordering more mortar as they construct their little wall, brick by brick. Baby steps HillBillys. Baby steps.

So what did I miss completely, and what do you see higher or lower?