Saturday, January 11, 2014

Has Saban jumped the shark?

It sure feels that way. And not in just the snarky Lane Kiffin is just another douchebag with a very pretty name. Consider the following statements of fact:

  1. Saban thrives on controlling the process. 
  2. Kiffin steers towards corners he can purposefully cut.
  3. The SEC landscape is where both men complete those tasks most meaningfully.
This will either work because Kiffin has changed enough that he can fit under the Bama coach's miniature umbrella, or it will crash and burn in a way that will set a new standard for failures in grandeur.

Also, screw Slive. Did Nick ask his wife Terry about this first? I have a hard time imagining Mrs. Saban getting along too well with Layla. But admittedly, that's a very surface assessment.

Regardless, pass the popcorn. I'm dusting off the ol' KiffyBaby blog tag! 

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