Monday, January 27, 2014

McGarity cautious on topic of football support staff

Emerson helps to lay out where the UGA admin stand on adding additional support staff for Richt and the football program. There's really no question that McGarity intends to go strictly by the book. (And really, what could you expect him to say?)

But this part I think cuts to exactly where we are:
“Any position that we have here needs to be justified,” McGarity said. “You don’t add a position just because so-and-so has 10 more than you do. You don’t just add it to keep up with your competition. What are these people gonna do? Discuss their role, and then you go from there. And that’s across the board for any sport here, and any position. There’s got to be a justification process, and there can’t be School A has this, and you don’t have that. ...
“If you’re living in a comparative world, it’s a hard place to be. Tell us what you need, we’ll provide that, and then we’ll move forward."
I'm not so sure how hard it is to be in a "comparative world". But it's clear that the onus is in the head coach to not only ask for what he needs, but also justify their desk space in Butts-Mehre. And the justification may be as simple as the fact that the idea of extra hands on deck is working in places like Alabama and Auburn.

And before everyone jumps to the "Richt needs a special teams coach!!", read the whole piece. Sounds like that may take care of itself. But like with the support staff, they'll go strictly by what the NCAA dictates.