Monday, January 13, 2014

New DC search - day one (the absurdities)


He went down that road. And Richt extending his hand and was ignored. Sure, it's bygones under the bridge but I'd bet Richt burned that road map four years ago. Then again, never say never. Especially when talking about bygones under bridges. Still, I'm leaving Kirby in this post because I think it'll take more money than he's worth to get him to Athens.

I mean, what exactly has he proven as a defensive coordinator? The move makes more sense for Smart than it does Georgia.

And then, really? Muschamp? That guy was defensive kryptonite back in his playing days. And he's only become more lethal to success on the field as a coach.

In short, there aren't any serious former player defensive coordinator candidates for UGA because there aren't any successful ones out there. Muschamp's success was fleeting, what little there was of it. And what exactly has Smart done (on his own) to live up to his own name?

Let's move on people.