Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New DC search - day two (deep breathing)

Now's about the time we come to grips with the fact that not only has the job vacancy for defensive coordinator for the Georgia tackle football team not been posted yet, but neither has the job vacancy for the defensive backs coach for the Georgia tackle football team. Add to that the fact that legally speaking, McGarity and/or Richt must interview at least three people and you suddenly realize that this isn't going to be the episode of speed dating that you had hoped for as you eagerly waved at the exhaust pipe on Todd Grantham's Ryder truck.

OMGwhy hadnt we just brough kirby back home you guys!! We losing recruits I bet like mad and [illegible rambling....] need him to shut down these boarders. Like yesterday; [more illegible ramblings]

So we come to recall what this was like four years ago, as Richt searched for a replacement to Willie Martinez and subsequently Jon Fabris and John Jancek. It took time. You'll even remember that those openings came within days of the close of the regular season on North Avenue. And still it wasn't until the middle of January when a decision was made.

Of course, some of that delay was due to bowl prep, most of it due to NFL playoffs. But it still took some time to work through. Enough to make everyone overly antsy. Because if there is one thing that festers over time it is rumors.

ButtNekkidDawg just tweetd that Bobo and Smart were seen at Georgia Square Mal eating dippin' dots. DONE. DEAL!

And rumors can have a way of one upping each other, usually for mercenary purposes.

Sh*t, I took 101 english with Kirbster so jus waiting on him to text me back an I'll update y'all........... [insert random, ill-suited emoticon]

We make fun of that guy that knows someone that's only separated from THE HOT NAME by seven other people. But it's times like these that anonymity can be so damn alluring.

Don't know about some of you older folks, but it's enough to make me think back fondly to a time before twitter and even message boreds. We got our news at the end of the driveway a couple hours before dawn. We frantically flipped to the Sports section to see if what that guy at the office the day before had said about Vince Dooley was true. Was he really retiring?

Then again, I certainly don't miss paying the AJC for their garbage. So perhaps we have evolved in some ways. Bradley and his band of merry idiots not named Terence get their breaking news the same way we do...

Hey BatCaveDawg20875109237, any updates on what your saying about Wilie Matrinez coming back to athens? I thought he did a decent job for most part.

...from the internet. And that won't happen until the short list has been vetted and processed.

So in the mean time, breathe deeply. Remember to get up and walk around some; get the blood flowing to parts of your body other than your fingertips. Silence can speak volumes about what we know and what we don't.