Friday, January 3, 2014

Sinatra sings "Glory, Glory"

But first, a message from AthensHomerDawg:

I guess we are now officially in the off season. The disappointment of another season without the Crystal to put in its showcase has once again forced itself into our consciousness.. This should be accompanied by endless complaints from fans,and pundits, about coaches, players, ST, S & C,Defense, OL, DL, DC,OC, HC, AD.. and even new Internet memes to mock them all. AND endless How, and WHY and BUT! And of course the inherent unfairness that we don’t have some sort of Championship because Auburn and Bama, and LSU and Florida and even the Hillbillies got theirs. Where’s ours? Why don’t we over sign, change our pot policy, buy better coaches, buy better players, buy better facilities when we can certainly afford them all. Lack of Institutional Commitment! Buck the NCAA, buck the refs, f*** the refs… call the refs out publicly. Be realistic, run off the Disney Dawgs and turn semi-pro and drop this amateur status. Grow a pair! And Win All The Damn Games! BY GAWD!
Tissue? I'm all out. 
Is it still ok to root for the Dogs? ;-)