Sunday, January 26, 2014

Super Bowl bound - Champ Bailey

Have been enjoying the extra publicity for Champ this week. Hope he's being talked about even more the week after the Super Bowl. Bailey has always kept a close eye on things around Athens, so it's nice that DawgNation can return the favor on the game of football's biggest stage.

Read a nice piece in Sports Illustrated this week. It was really well done and went into Champ's history in the league: playing with and learning from Darrell Green in Washington, his stellar career setting a record for Pro Bowls among cornerbacks (he's been to 12 in 14 years), his injury and how he's adjusted to his role as a nickelback...with the help of his brother Dawg, Boss:
"It's not like when you're on the outside and can see the quarterback," says Boss. "The slot takes a different kind of discipline, a different kind of thought process. Stay deep-to-short; [don't] jump on anything deep."
I'd link to the article, but it's not online as far as I can tell. Hopefully you've got a copy. It shows Champ as the skilled, smart and ultra-talented team player we grew to love during his time in Athens.

Also, with the help of Jim, found this article that is online. More great stuff that talks about Bailey's role and especially how he's come full circle as an NFL corner like his former mentor Green. This part is fantastic:

GATA Champ! Go Broncos!