Thursday, January 30, 2014

The best thing to happen in Champ's career...

Wife is from a state way up north called Virginia. Yesterday she taught us all how to make a good snowball when the snow isn't exactly suited for such construction. She was proud of that life skill developed while surviving the arctic climes above the 35th parallel. I told her I was prouder to come from a place the knew how to utilize sugar when constructing a pitcher of tea.

Anyway, shortly after we were married, Champ Bailey was selected in the first round with the seventh pick by the Washington Redskins. This was welcome news for both of us; her for the obvious reasons, and me because while growing up I had to choose other NFL teams to cheer for on Sundays as the local one was never on television. Often, the Redskins were it.

The other day we looked at how being a Redskin helped shape Bailey's career. Getting to learn the ins and outs of being an NFL corner is a richer experience with Darrell Green in the meeting room. But it was even more beneficial when Bailey was ushered out of DC in exchange for Clinton Portis. Yesterday he talked some about that experience.

Wonder if Dan Snyder will be watching with just a twinge of regret.