Sunday, January 26, 2014

The repugnance of the recruiting game (epilogue)

So, I'm not saying that I won't have an occasional post on something involving recruiting. I'm just forcing myself to operate in actual facts, the black and the white. The gray area of "commitments" and "offers" and who is a lean and who is not...that's just unnecessary drama.

I do believe in analyzing and (when appropriate) criticizing Georgia coaches' recruiting trends. As commenter Joseph Fain helped to point out the other day, our recruitment of offensive linemen has been an ongoing problem for a decade now. That's fact, and worthy of continued exploration. Just as celebrating a new class is on the first Wednesday each February.

Beyond that, I'm staying clear of the pit of despair. There's just too much showmanship on that side of the line where the names of good young men are treated simply as pawns. In the recruiting game anonymity is cheap and the vitriol it creates is distasteful. In the end it's just about a kid's own personal decision. And in today's world, that decision is only final on the first Wednesday in February.

Seems a waste to worry over anything before then. I mean, Willie Williams spent more time tackling plates of lobster (and marijuana) than he did running backs.

The recruiting game will go on into perpetuity. But it will do so without my words 
adding even one innocuous whiff of propane to its furious blaze.