Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The trust in McGarity's desk

I casually clicked on this pre-season ranking article just to go through the usual January motion. But this quote, based on a what-if scenario that gives UGA a national championship in exchange for a dismal season preceding it, stuck out like a sore thumb:
“If I sit here and say, yeah, I’d be willing to go through a two-win season in order to win a national championship the next year, we’re in the if only world,” Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said back in December. “We’re speculating here. Our charge has always been to show improvement every year. That is determined at the end of the day by me. That’s my responsibility. It lands at this desk.”
Like I alluded to last month here and here, your support in the current state of the Georgia football program should come down to how much you trust the athletic director (and especially the people he answers to/consults with) to make the Gus Malzahn homerun hire.

I'll hang up and listen again, because my own personal jury is deadlocked. At least I think that's the nicest way I can put it.