Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday's thoughts on the world's smallest cornhusker cocktail party

That sucks, man. Just to go all the way down and you just give it to them. That’s 
a bad feeling right there. - Todd Gurley
  • I was wrong about Gurley being the healthiest he's been in some time. Clearly not himself, he had just 28 touches for a total of 183 yards. That's a good day for most individuals, but for a team struggling to find rhythm and consistency offensively it was well short of what was needed. And I wouldn't be surprised to hear sometime soon that he's having some type of procedure to address his ankle and whatever is wrong. 
  • Mason had a good day individually and statistically as well - 320 yards. But he never found that confidence we saw on the Flats a few weeks ago. At times he had all day to throw, and at others he didn't even have time to set his feet. At times he laid it in there with authority. At others it floated into general areas.
  • Lot of people saying we missed Aaron Murray yesterday. Well, duh. Of course. But we really just needed the same Mason that beat Tech. Maybe the wet ball accounted for the drop in completion percentage (61% in Atlanta to 53% yesterday). Maybe not.
  • Ditto for the offensive line in terms of consistency. Kublanow came in for Dallas Lee and I thought he did pretty well. (Reminds me some of Ben Jones once the tension reached a boil.) But it was the usual fits and starts mostly.
  • Did a play go by where the Nebraska coaches weren't bitching about something? If so, I missed it.
  • Conley really toughed it out. Had to be especially painful and uncomfortable on that wet turf. Other than him (and Bennett on the long 48 yarder) it was hard to find a receiver that was getting open. Other than the ones on the sidelines in sweats. *sigh*
  • In the end, the offense was not greater than the sum of its parts. And how could it be really? Why exactly was I expecting everything to fall into place suddenly?
  • "Marshall Morgan" is a floridian slang term for "Money". It's okay Pelini, you can keep that extra field goal as a souvenir.
  • The blown coverage on the 99.9999 yard pass is a script we've seen played out too often: Defense makes a great play. Seemingly puts themselves in position to get off the field having given the offense good field position. Only to completely blow it. But I'll let the expert explain it further...
  • “It wasn’t a missed assignment. There should’ve been guys there,” Grantham said.

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  • Ok then...
Probably the best summary to yesterday's finale is we went in hoping for some closure and only got more questions. Now we'll spend the next eight months bickering at each other and feeding on our own self-loathing and discontent. Was it coaching? Was it injuries? Was it rotten luck? Was it the lack of an indoor practice facility??!!?? Should the was be an is?

Or is it just an unhealthy life choice that we continually force ourselves into year in and year out? Welcome to another off season of discontent. Your reserved seat is waiting.