Thursday, February 27, 2014

An offseason antidote?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I've been researching and developing the concepts around what I'm sure would be the DawgNation's worst podcast out there. I've said it many times, but it bears repeating - as fans of the red and black, we're lucky to have great media guys, numerous blogs and several podcasts out there. The internet footprint for UGA fandom has an even greater presence when you add in active social media members. Even the ones that are a little too active...

But one thing I've noticed is that the podcast feeds mostly go into hibernation this time of year. I really enjoy podcasts. Like many of you I'm sure, I've got several feeds - UGA related as well as other topics of the non-college football variety - loaded into an nifty app on my phone so that I can choose one of them instead of crappy Atlanta radio and the sports talk idiots. So an idea I've had is to develop a podcast specific to off season topics and discussion.

What I have at this point is a general framework for it and some creative ideas for it. What I don't know is if there is enough interest. Of course, blog traffic goes way down in February, April, May and June. The reason behind that is obvious. I would assume podcast feeding goes down as well. And while I certainly don't mind talking to myself (as my lovely wife and daughters will confirm), I'd prefer not to invest the time if there's not much interest.

So would a poorly produced, short (around 20 minutes or so), once a week podcast that centers around both specific and general off season topics be something of interest to your ears? As opposed to canned "classic rock" or chronic updates to the Mellish Meter?

Seriously, lemme know your thoughts. I entertained the idea of just putting up a poll. But I'm really more interested in actual and usable qualitative feedback. And for those of you who don't listen to podcasts or even care what they are in the least yet still hung around for this entire post, I'll have a list of off-season topics posted tomorrow that I plan to address here on the blog in the coming weeks/months.

Is this thing on?