Thursday, February 20, 2014

And his name ain't Opie neither.

Saw this over at Blutarsky's spot last night...
A skilled player at a need position with intimate knowledge of law enforcement procedure?  Sign that man!
...and it got me thinking.

First, what a shame that Lonnie Outlaw kid didn't stick a couple years ago. If we had him going up in practice against this sheriff's kid (potentially)...well, that would've equated to at least a blog post's worth of material each week.

Then I wondered, what position would Opie Taylor have been? (If I just lost you with the reference and somehow you're still reading, well....bless your heart.) And how many stars would Opie have coming out of Mayberry High?

My guess? Glad you asked. Let's see, a ginger that's been skipping rocks and chasing his grade school teacher's skirt since he was old enough to finish a whole helping of Aunt Bea's fried he's got some natural athleticism and speed. I'd say a four star middle linebacker known for cutting practice to wander down to the fishing hole a spell. As well as helping the deputy sheriff out of various precarious predicaments.

The Senator's right. This would be a breath of fresh air. Although I bet Jimmy Williamson still gives Otis hell.