Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New titles for assistants

Not much in terms of surprise here.

First, McClendon has certainly earned the recruiting coordinator title. We haven't had a coach with the title since Garner left. Not sure how much will really change in terms of structure, but I hope there's a hefty raise for the young man!

Second, the special teams' roles shakes out about as expected. I think Richt would really like the NCAA to expand the number of assistants on staff to ten. And when and if that happens I would expect him to hire a single person to coach special teams. Until that day comes however, I think in the least we'll see a greater focus on the "third phase of the game". 

Of course, we won't get much of a look at special teams at GDay. But @ugakerri reminded us this morning that there's only 200 days til Clempson comes to town!