Friday, February 21, 2014

Richt remembers the glory days

This had a tone of deep longing for the good ol' days didn't it?
Richt had plenty of success as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at Florida State running uptempo offenses.
“We started going fast at Florida State in 1992 and then ’93 we were going at breakneck speed as fast as we could until I got to Georgia,” he said.
ACC officials, he said, put the ball on the ground and got out of the way.
“It wasn’t quite happening that way in the SEC,” Richt said. “Who knows what the reasons were?”
A decade and a half later and he still ain't got over adapting to SEC referees' incompetence ...differences. I feel ya Coach. But if Penn Wagers' off season mat drills haven't helped he and his cohorts to keep up with your preferred snap count by now, it might be time to let that one go.