Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Harvey-Clemons dismissal is a positive step for all involved

First. While watching the Super Bowl a couple weeks ago, I couldn't help but think of how Josh Harvey-Clemons could so easily develop into the type of player we were seeing out of Cam Chancellor for the Seahawks. That dude was big, fast and was laying some serious wood. There wasn't a single Peyton Manning target that had an answer for Chancellor's athleticism and preparedness.

In his last game as a Bulldog, Harvey-Clemons made quite an impact.
I genuinely and truly hope JHC finds the level of success that his body was built for in the game of football. I know he will get plenty of opportunities to redeem himself. But I'm very glad his next chance will come somewhere other than Athens.

Why am I glad of that? Well, to enter another season with the safety/nickel/star/hybrid position in limbo would only play a similar tune to one we've already heard in late summer/early fall. And we should all remember how it played out.

Rhythmless. Aimless. Inconsistent.

I just have to believe that releasing a player that, despite his God-given talent, feels he's bigger than the team and giving someone else a chance to prove they can be the starter from the moment toe meets leather in Athens GA on August 30th is nothing but a step in the right direction. Sure, Pruitt's hiring likely means a fresh start for the defensive depth chart as soon as spring practice begins. But having Harvey-Clemons and his three game suspension hovering around would've only created lingering questions.

On one hand Georgia loses a clear five star talent with a penchant for making the wrong kind of headlines. On the other, having been burned by Harvey-Clemons' poor choices twice before, the coaches have been preparing for this day. How? Well, the move of Tramel Terry to safety was a clear sign that the coaches felt confident in the young player's skills as a defender if they were to give up his potential as an offensive threat. Now there will be some tight competition between Terry, Mauger and Moore to start alongside Tray Matthews. And it will happen without the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the practice fields.

Because yesterday that question mark was eliminated. So it's a fresh start for one talented football player. And an even cleaner slate for a secondary that should be very eager to improve.