Friday, March 28, 2014

"A step forward..."

There's a lot to sift through from yesterday's ruling. And from reading this reactionary piece by Emerson (be sure and follow the link for the video), I could immediately tell Chris Conley has spent a lot of time reading up on the subject of the suit against Northwestern, as well as its ramifications for private schools and student-athletes. Much more so than I have.
"I know they do a great job of it here (at Georgia), but there's no mandate for it across the board with institutions, and how they deal with injuries, when players leave, and ailments that they have," Conley said. "That's a big issue that's on the table. Quite frankly student-athletes want to know that they're going to be taken care of after they've committed so much to a university. They think a university or the NCAA should look after their interests."
Conley emphasized that he doesn't know if a union is the right mechanism to fight for student-athletes' rights. But he called it a "step forward."
Admittedly, there are parts to yesterday's news that are unsettling for me as a fan. But as a Georgia guy, I'm glad Coach Richt's players have someone like Conley in the locker room to speak on the issue.