Friday, March 7, 2014

Because Richt could write a book on the malevolence of injuries

Tom Izzo needs advice on managing a roster (and likely his team's self-esteem given the sheer number of injuries the Spartans have faced). Dials a 706 area code. Of course.
If there’s any coach in collegiate athletics who knows how to deal with an absurd number of injuries to his players, it’s Georgia head football coach Mark Richt. Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, who has had to deal with the same issue with his Spartans this season, must have figured as much. According to Bruce Pearl, Izzo gave Richt a call for some advice on how to overcome the injury bug.
Izzo has had to use nearly 15 different starting lineups this season, In fact, he has played a total of 12 players at least 140 minutes this year – an astounding statistic for such a highly-ranked program.
Yup. Brother Richt knows all about that Tom. One call, that's all.