Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saban's brute squad gains another voice

Add former offensive lineman Kellen Williams to the ranks of players defending their coach against malicious attacks on his "process" and alleged hidden agendas.
"He knows better than anyone in the country how to stop it. Obviously, the Oklahoma game and Auburn games weren't just on him. I was a senior and it was kind of on us as well." 
Williams went on to echo the comments made in recent months by departing seniors AJ McCarron and Kevin Norwood, both of whom said some of the younger players on Alabama's roster didn't "buy in" to Saban's trademark "Process." 
In his five years at Alabama, Williams said there was a "big difference" between the three national championship teams and the two in which the Crimson Tide came up short.
 By the way, where are all of Bielema's former players these days? Under a rock somewhere?