Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Junkyard Dawg Podcast #5 - Dawgs on the Road

Sooooo....this is a great episode, but for some reason it won't download to many mobile platforms. It plays just fine from the Libsyn website - - but not so much on my phone, iPad, etc. Therefore, I recommend following that previous link to the actual website. You can play the original recording below, or you can wait until Libsyn gets back to me about what the problem is. Those are your other options. Until I get this fixed.

Sorry. I suck at podcasting. That's why I do it from the Junkyard. Sue me.

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In this episode my buddy Nama joins me in the Junkyard to talk about away games. We discuss road trips we've been on that we're awesome, unique, fun, rain dampened, dry heated, and also the ones that we're glad are over.

Did you know that the Dawgs will spend over a month away from Sanford this fall? It's time to think about where you're going to spend your fall Saturdays this coming October. Why not in Missouri or Little Rock? Maybe even Lexington KY. Regardless, Nama and I are here to help! Go Dawgs!

Thanks again to Nama for joining me this week. I mean, do you know someone that actually went to Gainesville for GA/fla weekend? If so, buy them a beer. Damn Good Dawgs! No doubt.
Links from this episode: - Georgia Bulldogs schedule for 2014Our Okie State video, feat The Wrangler, the infamous Ann, and even "Mackie" - The "Mystery on the Mountain" trailer shot from Boulder - email your feedback to