Monday, March 3, 2014

The Junkyard Podcast, episode no. 1

Be careful what you ask for Reader. You might just turn into a Listener.

So this is the first podcast from The Junkyard. I ran into some expected and predicted technical difficulties. As a result, I ended up uploading what I had into Soundcloud. That's kinda like a pass getting tipped into a waiting Auburn receiver's hands. But whatevs. It at least saved what I had and allows you to listen in. But eventually (hopefully before the next episode) I will have that side of things squared away and ready to push into iTunes so that y'all can add the feed to whatever service you use to grab podcasts from the internets. This one just didn't work that way.

Also, there's some sound problems that I would describe as pretty minor. But overall I thought it was pretty good considering the extra hurdles. Live and learn. And now listen....

Here are the links from this episode. Thanks for tuning in. Go Dawgs!