Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today's scrimmage - what to (hope) for

A man can dream. Sure. But let's get realistic.

  • No injuries. None.
  • At. All.
  • Todd Gurley - one carry, 60 yards and the rest of the afternoon on the stationary bike. Or just holding his helmet. Or curing cancer. Maybe all of the above.
  • clean exchanges between Andrews and Mason.
  • None. No injuries. Not even a cramp, son.
  • just enough chill in the air for Richt to have some hot chocolate.
  • Tim Kimborough with a handful or more tackles.
  • a picture of Leonard Floyd palming an intercepted football, sacking the quarterback, responding to yet another ignorant Kirk Herbstreit tweet, and escorting Gurley to a stationary bike all at the same time.
  • Marshall Morgan kicks an 83 yard field goal. From a jet ski.
  • a very bored post-scrimmage Ron Courson. Like, amateur Sudoku bored.
  • Greg McGarity directs Redcoats during intermission. KRYPTON FANFARE UP IN HIS PANTS!!
  • Brendan Langley, a pick six....that Quincy Carter somehow throws.
  • Not even a Bobo hangnail from flipping the playbook pages to a late scrimmage flea flicker. Welcome to Athens Pruitts!! SECSECSECSECSECSEXXXXXxxxxxxCCCCCCC!!!!!111!!
  • Gwyneth Paltrow babysits all the coaches' kids.
  • a punt return.
I'm out. Go Dawgs!