Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All is calm on the defensive front

Spring practice is done and the off season now bears its full weight upon us. Contrarily, the defensive coaches, just a week removed from wanting to dismiss any awards bestowed upon his defense are feeling something closer to satisfied.
"No, I just think he's a little beat up," Rocker said. "I think Ray's gonan be fine. Ray is gonna peak at the right time for us. So I don't worry. Ray has played in a lot of games for us, so I'm expecting him ... He will be a factor for us in the fall."
"Tramel was a highly-ranked player coming out of high school," Pruitt went on. "He went to play offense, he tore his knee up, he's playing defense. You know, Tramel is learning a new position, and he's worked hard doing it. And as long as he continues to do that (he'll be fine). I've talked to him daily about don't create unrealistic expectations. Just go out there and try to improve yourself every day."
 Enjoy it while you can boys. I get the feeling it'll be back to basics come summer.