Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Feedbag - shower discipline in Athens GA

First, my sincerest apologies for pranking some of you the other day. Second, be forewarned that it won't be the last attempt at Mike Campo'ing y'all. To make up for it, I figured we'd start the weekend with something to eat. This has been slow roasting for quite some time. So it should be quite savory.

From the WTF file comes a tale of two young lovers, both wild-eyed and head over heels for each other. Undoubtedly planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Without question the most innocent and genuine relationship in Clarke County. Pure and unabashed contentment. Relentless passion and unconditional devotion to one another.
Like Mr. Ward, Lil Dools doesn't believe in cutting corners in the shower.

They even had so much passion for each other's personal hygiene that they decided to shower one another with an amorous lather. Cleansing each other...rinsing...repeating. Conditioning their inner affections and staring deeply into each others gaze, they reached towards the soap dish at the same moment, and...

...did I mention they were both sixteen? And that they thought they were in the apartment (the one rented by the girl's step-father) alone? Yes, well what happened next you've probably heard about. The step-father came home, assaulted the recently well rinsed young man and was later charged with battery and cruelty to children.

Which is why I dropped it in the WTF File. No, I do not condone grown men hitting teenagers. Especially when said teenager is wearing nothing but his birthday suit. But if I were the boy's parents I would find it hard to press charges against Mr. Clinton Ward. But then again, I'm more of a believer in you reap what you sow. After all, Life has all kinds of natural consequences. And if you want to pretend to be an adult, you best be ready to defend yourself.

Nekkid or not.

Now, some links to chew on:
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- Thirty-three years is a long time to stay up so late. Goodnight Mr. Letterman.

Speaking of Two Young Lovers, let's wish em every happiness.

That's all from here ladies and gents. I'm heading to the coast tomorrow by way of a beer festival in Greenville. I'll be updating the blog here, but it will be between salted rims and fried seafood. Until we meet again kids, stay clean and don't share any staph infections.