Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lifting harder and conditioning smarter

The strength and conditioning program for the Georgia football team may not be message bored approved (and really, how could it?) but it's come a long way since the honor system of yester year.
Here’s how Richt described the difference in the weight room.
“Instead of just doing 10 bench presses and then I’m chilling and getting a drink of water and I’m coming back and get me 10 more and build strength, you want to build strength, endurance and even get your heart rate pumping,” Richt said. “Lift, lift, lift, boom, get a little quick blow. Boom, boom, boom. You’re building strength and endurance at the same time.
That seemingly small, but actually huge difference coupled with the fact that coaches will now be able to spend time with their leaner, meaner fighting machines this summer should produce results; ones that should be noticeable in those pictures leaked from practices and scrimmages during fall camp.

So we shouldn't hear talk of dieting in August. If we do, someone dropped the ball.

Because if there's one major difference between the S&C program now as opposed to just a few years ago, it's that there are much more than one set of eyes on it. And they ain't just giving it a passing glance. Not when the star tailback is included in the group as being "overweight".