Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Offensive line, filling in the blanks. Again.

In early April this statement is about as close to innocuous as you can get in terms of the offensive line's depth chart:
"A bunch of you have a shot this spring."
It's when spring turns to late summer and there's still rounds left in the chamber that I really begin to fret. To his credit, Coach Friend goes there:
"And if we don't see things like we need to in the spring then it'll be the guys' who get here's chance. So they kind of know that. Those guys were recruited to give them an opportunity, and we'll give them a shot.
"Now if we can get some guys going ... There's still eight days left, I guess we're halfway there."
It's a familiar tune to Georgia fans' ears, one that might perpetuate a pattern in Athens. But I like the freshmen we have coming in. Don't get me wrong. I just hope before they get here someone like Kublanow and DeBell have gotten well and situated themselves atop the depth chart.