Monday, April 28, 2014

Slive's inner Mick Jagger

My list of wants when it comes down to the SEC schedule discussion is pretty much in this order: preserve the WLOCP in Jax, as many trips to varied southeastern locales as possible, preserve the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, and encouragement towards competitive out of conference games.

Overall, and like Mick says, you got what you need.

Eventually we'll get to the nine game slate. I agree with Saban that this is what's best for the conference. And like Tyler states, a nine game schedule means more frequent trips to places like College Station, Oxford and Baton Rouge. But it will also put Georgia and Florida into a corner in terms of the historic neutral field battle on the St. Johns while balancing the home slate every other year. That will make those of us that enjoy attending the WLOCP in Jacksonville a little nervous.

I'm not very practiced at the art of deception. But I want what I need. And I need what I want.