Friday, April 18, 2014

Support for Adam Callaway

Many of you have probably met Scott Callaway: a fine man, friend of the blog and just a Damn Good Dawg. If you haven't had the privilege then you've certainly sat in the same stadium as him a time of two. I can assure you of that.

His son Adam sustained some significant injuries recently and Krisi has set up a gofundme account as a means of supporting the family through this difficult time. Scott shared that Adam himself was leading and coaching the family through, just as he's done on the basketball court for years. Thoughts, prayers, well wishes as well as any financial support I'm sure are greatly appreciated as Adam transitions into some very difficult physical therapy.

I'm thankful for Adam's spirit and that he's in the care of very good doctors. I wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks to those of you that took a moment to read this. And thanks again to Krisi for taking the time to support this great family.