Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Junkyard Dawg Podcast #7 - GDay wrapup with Tyler Dawgden

The one and only Tyler Dawgden of Georgia Sports Blog joins us in the Junkyard to talk about spring practice news and specifically GDay. He talks about the secondary's development under new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, the embarrassment of riches at receiver and running back, the quarterback competition behind Mason, and of course, the new era of piped in music at Sanford Stadium.

The end got clipped a bit in editing, but this one is chock full of insights and information. Great stuff. Many thanks to Tyler for taking the time to join us!

Thanks for listening y'all! Here are the links from this episode:
- Tyler's recap post of GDay, and also his thoughts prior to the scrimmage
- Emerson's 10 players whose stock rose this spring
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