Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coach Richt....hey, it's me man.

Lower my expectations? Surely you jest.
“I hope we have high expectations,” Richt said. “We all have high expectations for our team for our season. The fact we have Hutson Mason as our starting quarterback doesn’t make me feel like it can hold us back in any way. I think he’s ready for the challenge.”
I mean it's like he doesn't remember us meeting at all, you know?

But seriously, I can't remember being more excited for a season (at least in terms of seeing the changes made in the off season come to fruition) since coaches Martinez, Jancek and Fabris left town. Heck, I'm still pinching myself over the fact that we were facing months and months of despair and much gnashing of the teeth over Grantham's defensive debacles, and suddenly were given this gift. A new lease on life. A breath of fresh air to sustain our wintry demise and give hope to summer breezes.

Ahh yes. Coach, my expectations are fine my friend. If you tell me that this Saturday it's time to tee it up between the hedges, I'm parked by the time the sun reaches the tops of the pines and the bourbon meets the ice shortly thereafter. Mason has my faith eternal. Gurley has my barbaric bark on his shoulders....and just now as I typed that, I caught a vision of Leonard Floyd tipping a pass. It was picked off and Swann housed it!

Coach, my name is Bernie. I am a Dawg, and my expectations know no bounds sir!