Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ok. My five.

Low got the ball rolling. But then Blutarsky asked so I'll happily oblige. Although I am going to cheat a bit and list one or two that still play professionally. (I don't watch much football on Sundays, so in my mind these guys are already part of the gridiron history books.)
  • Hines Ward. And Blutarsky's absolutely right about #19. Other than Herschel, it's hard to think of another player that just strapped the offense on his back repeatedly for the good of the team. The difference is Hines did that at oh so many positions.
  • Patrick Willis. Long before I became familiar with Willis' story of the obstacles in his early life, I grew to admire his play as a linebacker at Ole Miss. He not only led the SEC in tackles his junior and senior seasons, he made his defensive mates better just by being on the field. Probably off of it too.
  • Thomas Davis. Also still playing professionally, Davis was a force to be reckoned with 'tween the hedges. He was the kind of player that every quarterback looked for first as they lined up over center. There's been better safeties in UGA history, but Davis was that hybrid player that I just loved watching. Especially the knack he had for separating the ball from opposing players.
  • Craig Yeast. The Senator mentioned Tim Couch, so I'll take one of his targets. Yeast wasn't anywhere close to being large in stature, but Mumme's Air Raid made him a giant star. Yeast spent four seasons somewhere between being difficult to impossible to cover; by the time most defensive players had found him he was behind them and gone. He left Lexington as the all time SEC leader in receptions. An absolute blast to watch play football...when he wasn't lining up against Georgia.
  • Kevin Faulk. This is yet another player who had a knack for putting the offense on his back and just taking over a ball game to the delight of LSU fans. Faulk left the SEC second behind Herschel Walker's career record in rushing yards. He was a load to bring down and had speed as well. Just the kind of running back that is a joy to watch when there's no Dawg in the hunt.