Monday, May 19, 2014

Playing with the new shiny toy - the CFB Playoffs!!

Ivan Maisel at ESPN has put together a committee and they will mock the new playoffs this week. Today they introduce their top 16 teams and the plan is to whittle them down to the predicted champion by Friday.

Fun! Here's a portion of Schlabach's breakdown of Georgia:
The Bulldogs are hoping Gurley can lead them back to the top of the SEC East and potentially into a spot in the College Football Playoff. Last season, Gurley was hampered by injuries and a torn ACL sidelined tailback Keith Marshall for the final eight games, causing UGA to limp to a disappointing 8-5 finish.
When Gurley is healthy, he's the kind of player who can carry the Bulldogs, according to UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. With Hutson Mason replacing the record-setting Aaron Murray at quarterback, UGA might need Gurley to remain upright more than ever.
Yup. That pretty much sums it up. At least on the offensive side of things. And I won't be bothered if the Bulldogs aren't crowned champion on Friday. Really. I won't.

But I am interested to see the decision making in this mock playoff. It's a bold new world here folks. And it's full of questions about how much Ty Williamham really knows about life in the SEC. Is Lt. Gen. Gould more of defensive guy, or does he honestly prefer an aerial attack? Will Barry Alvarez fart in Condi's presence?

Seriously, whatever your feelings were towards the BCS and however you may feel about the way this new era will be organized, this tackle football committee thing blends objectivity, subjectivity and the human element better than we've ever imagined. It will be an efficient way of crowning a champion or an extremely lethal cocktail. (Actually, it will almost certainly be both.)

For instance, part of what ESPN does is come up with a WAY TOO EARLY power index of the teams based on offensive, defensive and special teams data in previous years. It's cool stuff for stat geeks, although I question why UGA's defense is ranked (considerably) higher than its offense considering what Bobo has done compared to his defensive counterparts.

Anyway, I hope this mock committee gives us some insight as to how they make their decisions. Afterall, that's what we'll all be concerned with come late November.