Monday, May 12, 2014

Plugging the middle

There's no question we have an embarrassment of riches at running back. When completely healthy, you could argue we have similar depth at wide receiver.

And on the defensive side there's the linebackers. You start with two returning senior starters and finish with the wealth of talented younger guys eager to earn some snaps. Leonard Floyd appears ready for a breakout season. Davin Bellamy earned some praise this spring. Lorenzo Carter, the state's biggest recruit, comes in this summer.

But if there's one lingering question with this crew that we don't have on the other side of the ball, it's just how much of a rotation we'll see. Especially at inside linebacker.
There’s room for Kimbrough, Rankin, or even Vavlas or Dukes to push their way up the depth chart. The main question for the preseason, which may not truly be answered until the season begins, is just how much subbing will happen, and thus how many snaps will be available to players not named Amarlo or Ramik. Last year there were hardly any.
Pruitt is applying the pressure. His post-spring comments speak to a defensive unit that is starved for motivation (and evidently slimmer waistlines). We're lucky Herrera and Wilson are around to anchor a defense that is still looking for an identity after a sub-par season.

But I'd love to see some guys like Reggie Carter, Tim Kimbrough and Ryne Rankin see more of the field.