Thursday, May 29, 2014

Young fans, old fans, drunk fans, and Sanford Stadium

This is a topic I expect to address in an upcoming podcast. Sure, we've already kind of addressed it that way, but its an issue that begs for deeper discussion.

Here are the talking points as I see them...
  • Fan attendance is down across the nation. This is due to student apathy (especially at early kickoffs), HDTV experience at home (close to personal restrooms and beverages of choice), parking/tailgating headaches.
  • The home slate of games includes something short of nuns looking for a paycheck.
  • Interactivity is low for a society more and more dependent on immediate feedback, connectivity and a mute button.
  • ain't coming.
  • It's the economy stupid.
...please add any I've missed in the comments. We ain't done with this. Not by a long shot.