Monday, June 9, 2014

Let us not forget.

Been away from the laptop, and really internets altogether. Now that I am back I wanted to make one more point based on reactions to last week's starting safety departure. I've read much in support of the coaches, namely Richt for a firm disciplinary hand and also Pruitt for his relentless pursuit of a no-nonsense secondary. But there's also been some backlash, as should be expected.

I would simply add, remember where we were in early December? Remember the depth to which we had sunk late in the day on January 1st? When I wrote this post in mid-December I was less than a step away from hanging this blog up for a bit. I was out of energy and had no motivation to find my way through an off season that would endlessly regurgitate painful highlight after painful highlight. Like most of you, I needed a boost and somehow and in some weird way Bobby Petrino provided it.

So it bothers me very little to see a kid get summarily dismissed when he describes himself as having one foot out the door. It bothers me very little that Grantham wants our rejects. (Actually, it perturbs me greatly that Grantham can't stop playing grab ass with his former players. But whatevs.) It bothers me only somewhat that we will likely play some combination of walk ons and freshmen in the secondary on a week to week basis.

Look, like I said last week, we knew we needed a makeover in the secondary. I think we're just now beginning to see the depths of that need. It wasn't just talent. It wasn't just experience. It was also attitude.

We've come a long way since January 1st in our own attitude towards Georgia Bulldogs tackle football. We've been given the gift of hope. Don't fumble it before we even get to off season workouts.
Don't fumble it Reader. There's a lot of football yet to be played.