Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My response to Trigga's aunt

Ms. Cox-Thomas,

First things first. Please feel free to contact me. Especially if you feel I'm in any way out of line. You can email me, find me on twitter, or simply comment below. I believe in being transparent. What follows might come across as harsh. In some way I mean it to be. Let me explain...

I grew up in Athens, not as a UGA fan. But as a resident and faithful community member that has grown up believing in giving back more to that community than I was given. I went on to fall in love with much more than the city. I'm a two time graduate of the University of Georgia and a very proud member of the DawgNation. So, I hold those truths to be self-evident.

Now. Please, let your nephew's actions going forward speak for the entire family. Solely. There's no reason to speak on his behalf if his feelings are hurt. If that is indeed the case, they are hurt because he allowed them to be. They are hurt because he was too immature to steer himself in any other direction. They are hurt because he's become reliant on the attention of his family and close knit unit of "yes men". They are hurt because he's not come to understand which drawer his big boy pants are located.

You blame "the internet". Perhaps it's goes deeper than that. I'm just saying. I once blamed a patrolman's radar for my proficiency at speeding. He proved me wrong. I paid the price. I slowed down.

The actions Tray left behind in Athens have done nothing but bring ill-will on you, his parents and everyone else that is close to him. If you have indeed spent private time addressing these egregious and malignant transgressions, your family will soon be vindicated from your nephew's wrong doings. I am sure of that. If he loves you half as much as you obviously love him he will steer clear of the trouble that he plagued himself with in Athens.

And both Athens, Auburn and, most importantly, Tray will be better for it. So please, please continue to let the internet continue to be stupid idiots. It's what we're proficient at doing.

But...but, pardon the hell out of me, if I'm sick of seeing players continue to use Coach Richt's kindness as a crutch to the gotdamn detriment of MY univeristy. Pardon the hell out of me, if I'm sick of the staff at UGA having to take the gotdamn high road in watching these children, no....dumbasses who've been given multiple chances to succeed only to be burned by the very newspaper you take your War gotDamn Eagle to...burn every opportunity afforded them.

Yes. Pardon the hell out of me if I applaud Mr. Bailey for sticking up for MY program. Pardon the hell out of me if I'm very relieved Coach Richt's locker room has been relieved of a cancer. When Tray announced (that's actually a key point right there, your own nephew announced it remember?) he was leaving I'm not sure if his sigh of relief was bigger than Coach Richt's.

But the point is both sides breathed deeply. A step had been taken in a positive direction for both parties. Move on. Without the internet bothering you. If Tray can't take the high road, show him how! I assume you are the elder in your relationship with your nephew, so act like it! Show him how to rise above the noise. Show him how to put on his big boy pants. Show him how to not read the AJC.

Please, don't get me wrong, I will be rooting for your nephew just as you are (albeit in every game but one) because I firmly believe in second chances. I am human. I have been afforded my fair share of them. I (truly) bleed red and black, but even above all of that I am a human being that wants what's best for everyone.

I was there at Butts-Mehre cheering in January 2013 when Tray's name came across the board as an official signee (even though he was already enrolled). I was just as excited when I saw he was named the most improved defensive player later that spring. I will be even more proud of him one day when he's drafted into the NFL, assuredly achieving a lifelong dream!

I don't hate you Ms. Cox-Thomas. And I don't hate Tray. But I am most definitely glad Coach Richt and Tray have parted ways. In fact, it's time you and I (and Tray) follow Coach Richt's lead and move on.

It's what's best for everyone.