Thursday, July 17, 2014

Controversial things Richt might say today

So BassinDawg started it. Just thought I'd add some possibilities before the head guy takes the podium today.
  • "I only shave on days that end in Y."
  • "The Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit is better than anything Kathryn ever makes before 11AM."
  • "Aaron Murray should've played 12 plays after his injury and not just 11."
  • "But then again, Thomas Davis took plays off too."
  • "Les Miles' vacation in Austin sounded pretty fly for a white guy."
  • "Like my friend Robert says, I thought Muschamp was always a Florida guy."
  • "Yup. I slipped her some tongue. GATORS SUCK!!!"
  • "Yes. I thought Spurrier's checked button down looked like it needed an extra timeout."
  • "Being a granddad is awesome. When Jadyn shits her pants I just call an audible and hand her off to Jon!"
  • "I bench press more than Todd Gurley. Much. More."
  • "Logan Gray didn't wave vigorously enough if you ask me."
  • "Greg McGarity can take his piped in rap music and stick it up his [edited]."
  • "Yeh. I'm still calling the plays. But blame Bobo."
  • "Jarvis Jones has yet to beat me in an arm wrestling contest. First round pick my ass."
  • "David Pollack slept with his binkie all the way through the 2005 Outback Bowl."
  • "Worst kept secret in the bowels of Sanford Stadium....kicking Penn Wagers' ass is what lead to my eventual hip surgery."
  • "Speaking of which...Steve Shaw can target this [video redacted]."
  • "Todd Grantham couldn't coach his way out of a 3rd and 19."
  • "Is it too much to ask for Ford to make a truck that can bat the gotdamn ball down?!?!?"
Pick em up and finish the drill in the comments.